Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

Political Science Major

Always refer to the Academic Catalog for the official requirements in any program.

Political Science is a designated major. No grade below a C- will be accepted toward credit. No more than 12 credits of lower division Political Science courses may be counted toward the credit requirement for the major.

General Education Core

Course Credit Hours
Core Course Requirements 17-18
Knowledge Areas Requirements 19

University Requirements

Course Credit Hours
BA Degree - Foreign Language/ASL requirement (16 hours or proficiency test)
BS Degree - Math or Science minimum requirement (12 hours)

Core Requirements (36 Hours)

Course Title Credit Hours
POLS 1100 American National Government 3
POLS 2300 Introduction to Political Thought 3
POLS 4990 Research Seminar in Political Science 3
POLS 2100
POLS 2200
Introduction to International Relations

Introduction to Comparative Politics


POLS Electives

Course Credit Hours
Free Electives (includes completing minor & BA/BS requirement) 48

Total Credits, BA or BS degree: 120

Four-Year Sequence:

Note: Since all political science courses listed are not required to meet the minimum requirement for a major in political science, students should seek advisement from political science faculty to determine which courses are most pertinent to their vocational and educational objectives.