MAT Program Placement and Clinical Rotations

The MAT program has been designed with the intent to maximize the clinical education experience of the athletic training student and expose them to a greater breadth and understanding of life as an athletic trainer. Thus, every semester that the athletic training student is enrolled in the program the semester will be divided into two halves.

One half will be dedicated to didactic classroom instruction, and the other will be dedicated to immersive clinical education without the requirement of classroom attendance and instruction. The clinical education component will give each student a fully immersive experience in the athletic training environment for 7 consecutive weeks during fall and spring semesters. Hours and the number of weeks for the summer semester will vary and will be determined by the associated clinical course.

Clinical experiences are direct client/patient care guided by a preceptor who is an athletic trainer or physician. Athletic training clinical experiences are used to verify students’ abilities to meet curricular content standards. Clinical experiences will be comprised of spending a requisite number of hours (pre-determined by the associated clinical course) in an athletic training facility on the Southern Utah University campus, pre-arranged physician’s office, hospital, pre-arranged high school, or other clinical sites as arranged by the program.

Clinical Sites Include:

  • SUU Athletics
  • Canyon View High School
  • Cedar High School
  • Parowan High School
  • Cedar City Hospital Emergency Department
  • Cedar Ridge Family Medicine
  • Valley View Family Medicine
  • Mountain Eye Institute
  • Cedar Dermatology