Course Reserves

Course reserves are supplementary materials provided by the instructor or Library which are located at the Circulation Desk.

The Library's course reserves program supports equitable access to materials for SUU students, supporting success and removing barriers to course completion. Through section 108 of copyright law, libraries are able to disseminate and reproduce certain materials within the scope of education. These materials can include print and media. Faculty are encouraged to request or place items on reserve.

T-Bird Texts

Course Reserves also include T-Bird Texts, which are textbooks that can be checked out on the main floor of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library. Materials placed on the T-Bird Text section of the library's course reserves must meet the following criteria:

  • Item is required for General Education
  • Item is prohibitively expensive
  • Item is required in a course with high enrollment
  • ...or other extenuating circumstances deemed appropriate by librarians
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