Online Library Films and Videos

Grab your popcorn! The Sherratt Library offers two streaming services for you to watch videos and movies. Our video collections change throughout the year as titles are added and dropped, so check back frequently to see what's different.

Academic Video Online (AVON)

The Sherratt Library offers access to Academic Video Online (AVON), a video database covering topics in anthropology, art and design, film studies, history, and more. Featuring videos from popular channels and production companies, AVON is your go-to source for streaming at the Library.


  • Art & Design (1,300+ videos)
  • Anthropology (6,000+ videos)
  • Biology (3,000+ videos)
  • Film Studies (2,600+ videos)
  • History (19,000+ videos)
  • ...and more!

Content producers

  • PBS
  • BBC
  • California Newsreel
  • Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Sony Pictures Classics
  • ...and more!

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The Sherratt Library also offers access to selected films and movies through Kanopy, another online video streaming service. See below for an up-to-date list of content available to the SUU community.

Active Titles