Finding Library Journals

Need help finding whether or not you can access a journal through the Sherratt Library? We've got your back!

Journal searching tips

  • If you know the journal you're looking for, put the title "in quotes" to create a more exact search. 
    •  Example: "American Theatre"
  • If you aren't sure what journal you're looking for, try browsing by subject area!
  • If you're looking for articles from any journal, try searching in a database. Databases will give you results from multiple journals.

Is the journal available online?

If you search for a journal title and the result lists availability in databases and years, that means you are able to access journal volumes published between those dates online.

For example...

  • Academic Search Ultimate 01/01/1995 - 05/01/2020

...means that you can access articles published in this journal from January 1995 to May 2020 through the Academic Search Ultimate database.

Is the journal available in print?

If you search for a journal title and it says "This resource is available in the Print Collection on the first floor of the Sherratt Library," then you are able to access print copies of that journal. Journals are organized alphabetically on the first floor of the Library.