Get Started with Open Educational Resources

Your guide to finding and evaluating Open Educational Resources (OER).

Steps to Adopting OER in Your Classroom

  1. Survey what's available by browsing the Sherratt Library website and asking your librarian for advice
  2. Evaluate for accuracy, relevance, production quality, accessibility, interactivity, and licensing (see the Faculty Guide for Evaluating Open Education Resources by BCOER)
  3. Adopt the OER as is or adapt it to suit your needs (note that this is dependent on the type of license that comes with the OER)
  4. Use OER in your course and ask students for feedback
  5. Share the resource back to the community (if you have made substantive changes), or provide a review.
  6. Can't find an OER that fits your needs? No problem - Create your own! Ask your librarian how.

Finding OERs

There are multiple ways of finding OERs online, ranging from OER-specific sources to general search engines.

Open textbook repositories
Open courses
Finding OER through Google searches

Video credit: David Wiley