Howard R. Driggs Collection

The Howard R. Driggs Collection includes manuscripts, research notes, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia from his work with the American Pioneer Trails Association, Oregon Trail Memorial Association, historical and creative writings, personal and family records, and his profession as a teacher. The collection covers a time span from 1880 to 1965.

The Driggs Register has been divided into nine sub-groups:

  1. Teacher Education
  2. L.D.S. Religious Education
  3. Personal & Family Records
  4. Historical & Creative Writing
  5. American Pioneer Trails Association
  6. Oregon Trail Memorial Association
  7. Western History
  8. Western Trails
  9. Artifacts & Memorabilia
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Howard R. Driggs Collection: Biography

A picture of Howard R Driggs

Eighteen-ninety-seven was a significant year in the life of Howard R. Driggs. Following his graduation from the University of Utah he was married in the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City to Eva May Frampton, a fellow school teacher from his hometown of Pleasant Grove. They moved to Cedar City where he helped launch the Branch Normal School and served on its first faculty as an English instructor. 1897 thus began both their lifelong association with the institution and a lifelong friendship with the Bennion family.

During his distinguished career Dr. Driggs was both a Professor of English Education and historian of the American West. He was well known throughout the country as an author and speaker in both fields.  

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Howard R. Driggs Collection: Lectures