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We are a team of professional creators who define, elevate and protect the brand identity of SUU. We provide a positive & interactive experience for the campus community who utilize our services & talents. We reinforce the mission and vision of SUU through engaging storytelling, and compelling content creation.

Southern Utah University
Brand Map 2020

Navigating the SUU Brand

Welcome to the SUU Brand Map. This is an exciting time to be a T-Bird. Campus is growing in new and significant ways, and now more than ever, communicating clearly and cohesively is critical to our institutional success and identity.

This style guide is compiled by the SUU Marketing Communication office to provide you with the tools and guidelines necessary to visually represent SUU. Please carefully review these pages and become familiar with the guidelines.

Moving forward, it is important that we work together to clearly articulate and represent the image of this outstanding University. I invite you to join me in becoming a brand ambassador for SUU.

Thank you for your dedication and support of this important initiative,

Scott L. Wyatt, President

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Institutional Logo

This is the official logo of our university, and should be used wherever possible. Use in either full color on white, or white on SUU-Red. Keeping to only those two color variations will help build repetition and visual equity. Clear Space: The height of the logo. Minimum clear space is half the height. Minimum Size: 1.25”


Primary Reversed

Primary Clear Space


Stacked Reverse

Stacked Clear Space


Acronym Reverse

Acronym Clear Space

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Combination Mark

This mark symbolizes SUU school spirit, and can be used in swag, T-shirts, or if the audience is students or alumni, as it’s easier to personally connect with than the primary logo. Clear Space: The width of the middle ‘U’. Minimum clear space is half the width. Minimum Size: 0.75”

Primary Combo

Combo Reversed Black

Combo Reversed Red

Combo 1 Color

Combo 1 Color Reversed

Combo Clear Space

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SUU Seal

The seal should only be used on degrees, awards, and materials related to the president & his cabinet. Overuse can incur dilution of its power & quality. Minimum Size: 1”

Primary Seal

Seal Reversed Black

Seal Clear Space

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Athletic Logo

This mark represents SUU athletics, and should be reserved for their use. See Athletics style guide for usage rules. Since it doesn’t include context of SUU, rare usage is encouraged.


Athletic Reversed Red

Athletic Reversed Black

Secondary Logo System

All SUU Departments are allowed an on-brand letterhead and logo design to call out their entity within the organization. In order for us to speak with 1 voice, these designs must be highly uniform to ensure sub-entities still reflect the larger organism of SUU. Variations based on audiences and use case have been allowed to help make these logos as usable as possible. If you have not received a secondary logo, fill out a design request to have your logo assets designed and delivered to you.




Social Profile Icon

Badge Red

Badge White

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This palette makes our primary brand color, red, the contrasting star of the overall scheme. Use red strategically in your designs as a key call to action in a neutral or natural palette. We are the University of the Parks, and our environments should reflect that. Analogous blues, greens, golds, and browns embody the environments that surround SUU.

NEVER use one large swash of green or blue, instead mimic the way green and blue are seen in nature, as a gradient, with multiple layered shades, or only in photography.

Brand Colors > 95% Use

SUU-RED, and the scale of SUU-WHITE to SUU-BLACK are our main brand colors. Almost all communication created for SUU will be overwhelmingly these colors. It can be used in multiple ways, color on lights, whites on color, or color on darks.

It is also acceptable to use a primary palette of neutrals, only black, white, and grays, using red as a call to action or accent color. When layering red colors for depth, go lighter before you go darker, to communicate vibrancy, youth, surprise and welcoming.




A map of the reds and grays used by the brand.

Support Colors < 5% Use

Use with caution. This pallet succeeds when it replicates nature. When seen in nature, you don’t see 1 color, you see a myriad of slight variations. That is how these colors should be used. very rarely, shown in key graphics or illustrations, as accents.




A map of the nature tones used by the brand.

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Headings: Merriweather

The primary typeface, Merriweather, is a versatile serif that can feel adventurous, or serious, with a good balance of masculine and feminine forms. It’s a google font that will allow budget friendly access to the entire university at no cost, so there won’t be any added difficulty to stay on brand.

Sub-Headings: Barlow

Our brand will need an extensive, stable font that can work with both audience extremes. Barlow has many weights, as well as a compressed version. It can dress up with Merriweather and appeal to working professionals, or dress down with industry to speak to prospective students.

Infographics & Numbers: Barlow Condensed

Large colored numbers are a great way to break up content and make it easier to scan and consume. The only time red text is preferred in designs. Can be on their own, or white on a red circle.

Accent Font: Industry Inc.

We also have a stylistically dynamic font to appeal to prospective students, Industry Inc. This face is built off a system of style layering for added character, and has enough stylistic choices for any use case. All university communications should be done with these three fonts, and no others, to ensure a consistent look and feel.



Barlow Condensed

Industry Inc Baseline

Industry Inc In-Line

Industry Inc Bevel

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Photography Style

#1 - Focus On the Student

All SUU photography should be literally student focused. Use extreme depth of field wherever possible, as well as color, composition, and contrast to distinguish 1 student as the “star” of each image. Show them outdoors with the breathtaking vistas out of focus, even nature is second to them.

A student with mountains in the distance.

#2 - Pops of Red + Elements of Nature

Our color system has been crafted to ensure our primary brand color stands out. Style your models with pops of red and SUU logos and swag where appropriate. Embrace an outside-in mentality when styling shoots, particularly if you are indoors, with house and desk plants, textures, and natural motifs in wardrobe patterns.

Students talking in nature, with pops of red clothing.

#3 - The Most Human University

Authentic human emotion is key. Small groups are preferred. Effective single subjects use eye lines compositionally, or look directly into camera to connect with the viewer. Each photo should feel Unfiltered, but high quality. Be intentional, thoughtful, and strategic, but not at the cost of looking overly produced or “perfect”. Don’t edit out little human details.

A student smiling against a pure red background.

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Illustration Style

#1 - Prospective Students

Reduce our illustration style into it’s simplest forms, curved line icons and drawings for high school students. Use bright colors with lots of contrast. Embed with humor and soul.

#2 - Current Students

Graduate the simple line icons and add depth by adding detail to parts of the whole. Fill in with pattern texture, and line weight variations. Use bright colors and illustration over photography.

#3 - Working Professionals

Use more literal depictions in realistic pencil drawings and etchings. These should not feel stuffy, and should still be exude appropriate humanity.

The ’S’UU Curve

Our S in our name distinguishes us from other universities, particularly in Utah where the norm is angular, blocky letters. The S-Curve also hints towards nature in the form of streams, paths, and even lighting. It also makes for mathematically pleasing compositions, so use the S curve frequently, ensuring it’s present in every design possible.

Circles, Dashes & Organics

Circles should be used frequently, and should be used over squares and rectangles. They are more friendly, welcoming, and have more forward momentum than their blocky counterparts. Where other brands go geometric, we go organic, which is sometimes the harder choice, but inherently more human.

An example of a web page using circles, curves, and background illustrations.

Pattern Library

These patterns are meant to be used as subtle background texture to add interest, and context through illustration based on the subject matter. Patterns should be based on natural forms. Plants, animals, and all things nature are acceptable. Forms of connection or innovation may also be used if needed. Use strategically, and change the color where it crosses background colors. Either light gray on white, White over photography, or Red-6 Over SUU Red.

An example of circles being used with illustrated background patterns.

Icon Library

Outlines Preferred: In order to align with our illustration style, outlines are preferred on iconography, rather than fills, or duo-tones. Ensure the stoke of the outlines is the same throughout each design piece so not 1 icon sticks out. Creating your own iconography is encouraged, as long as it looks high quality, and each icon created has similar corner, and stroke widths as our standard icons.

Icon Resources: SUU has two licensed iconography packages for use. FontAwesome: Best for website applications. We’ve downloaded a curated list of these, since not all are created equal in terms of design and quality. Streamline Icons: An extensive package of icons (30,000) vector editable, and includes fill and line versions of each icon. Best used for print applications.

Icon Styles: Icons are preferred in either gray #999999, or SUU Red #E91D2D, or white #FFFFFF on red or gray. Rarely, if ever show an icon in thick black. They should be supporting visual elements, so try to reserve the highest contrast for the text in your designs. Arrow styles and other commonly used icons are listed below.

Example of approved usage of icons.

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