SUU Mountain Center


  • Full Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Restrooms
  • Shower (2)
  • Fireplace (2)
  • Volleyball Court
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic Tables

Hidden in the mountains of Cedar Canyon, SUU's Mountain Center is the picturesque place to escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Located on a 2,800-acre ranch, the Mountain Center is a 6,000-square foot log cabin with indoor and outdoor amenities.

An extra-large dining space, full kitchen, fireplaces, separate bedrooms, an expansive great room and loft are found inside of the cabin. Cooking facilities, patio, hiking trails, large pavilion, and volleyball court are located on the exterior of the facility.

Public reservations can be booked up to 9 months in advance. SUU events can be booked 1 year in advance. 

Please submit your reservation request no less than 5 business days before your needed date. Otherwise we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Rental Rates

Rental rates for SUU Mountain Center. Public reservation's April-October are $430 for the daily rate of 12 hours, $860 for the nightly rate of 24 hours. Public winter reservations (from November-March) excluding holiday weeks are $301 for the daily rate for 12 hours, and $602 for the nightly rate of 24 hours. SUU reservations for faculty, staff and student clubs must be able to pay with an index and are $150 for the daily rate, and $200 for the nightly rate. SUU Class reservations are free and must be made by SUU Faculty and include a class code.

Rental Rates for SUU Mountain Center

Reservation Type Daily Rate
(12 Hours)
Nightly Rate
(24 Hours)

*Public Reservation



*Public Reservation Winter Rates
(November 2024-March 2025). Excluding holiday weeks of November 22nd through 29th and December 22nd through January 31st. 



SUU Event Reservations
(All Year) SUU Events include meetings, retreats, and other gatherings of SUU Faculty, Staff & Student Clubs. An INDEX CODE must be provided with your reservation request to receive this discounted rate.



SUU Class reservations
(All Year) SUU Class Reservations include any gathering for academic purposes. Class reservations must be made by SUU faculty and include a class code. 



*All non-suu sponsored/public events will be required to get event insurance. The cost of this will start at $125 and go up based on the length of stay and number of attendees. This will be paid through a separate link sent to your email. (If you already have insurance that covers events please reach out to the coordinator upon reserving)

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