About the Water Lab

The water lab was created in 1972  and has been certified by the state of Utah since 1976.  It was created  to fulfill two needs.  

  1. Provide analytical services for what at the time, was a very rural southern Utah.
  2. Give the schools students valuable laboratory experience in an Environmental Laboratory type setting. 

Since this time the laboratory has maintained state certification with that state of Utah and has at times has held certification in the state of Arizona and Nevada.  Currently, the laboratory holds accreditation in the state of Utah under the EPA certified National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.  The laboratory employs approximately 5-7 students yearly.  These students have gone on to be employed in environmental laboratories, become doctors, dentists and Ph.D. Scientists.  The laboratory is supervised by two Ph.D. Faculty of the university.  Primary clients of the University include many rural water companies, other government entities, small businesses and individuals of Southern Utah.  The Laboratory not only tests drinking water to insure that it is safe to drink, but also tests industrial discharges and test wells to monitor pollution to the environment.

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