New Educational Foundations & Policies for Education Majors

Published: November 25, 2019 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Emaa Eccles Jones Education BuildingSouthern Utah University is pleased to announce the launch of a new emphasis in the College of Education and Human Development. The new Educational Foundations and Policy (EFP) emphasis focuses on diversifying today’s understanding of education and educational policy. The courses focus on theory and pedagogy. The EFP emphasis applies and is available to all students, not just those majoring in education.

“In a report released in 2016, the Center for American Progress estimated that by 2050 half of Utah’s children will be an ethnic minority,” said Brianne Kramer, assistant professor of teacher education. “Additionally, public school students in Utah are already more diverse than the teaching faculty statewide. It is vital that educators understand issues facing school districts and communities because diversity in the state will continue trending upward.”

The EFP courses can be taken as a bridge courses to the Master’s of Education. This way, students can complete one third of their Master’s of Education degree as an undergrad.

EFP is one of the emphases that will appear on students’ transcripts. All the courses are available online, and at least one course is offered during each of the three semesters. Students must take 12 credits in total, and can choose from the following five courses.

EDUC 4200/6200- Sociology of Education (fall)
EDUC 4210/6210- Educational Policy and Politics (spring)
EDUC 4229/6220- Critical Pedagogy (spring)
EDUC 4230/6230- Democracy and Education (summer)
EDUC 4240/6240- Comparative Education (summer)

“Students in this emphasis will work to be change agents in their school districts and communities, further extending the mission of the Masters of Education program and preparing graduate students to become master teachers,” said Dr. Kramer.

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