Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education & Human Development

Mission Statement

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development views its primary mission as advancing education, human performance, and family development through knowledge, compassion, and action. The College seeks to prepare and develop dynamic, professional educators, administrators, leaders, and career specialists who constantly search for truth and excellence through effective practice, collaboration, and scholarship.

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development provides students with an exceptionally unique professional experience that offers a distinctive Southern Utah University touch that includes:

  • A Focus on the Individual
  • Standards-based Programs
  • A Well-trained, Highly-qualified Teaching Faculty
  • Collaboration between PTEP and School
  • Numerous Internship Opportunities
  • Personalized Advisement and Program Counseling
  • Student Success Center
  • The First-Year Experience
  • Service Learning and Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Study Abroad and International Learning Experiences
  • Educational Clubs/ Professional Organization Affiliations
  • Access to the Hispanic Center for Academic Excellence
  • A Model of Reflective Practice
  • Personalized, High-quality Instruction
  • Relevant, Practical, and Cutting-edge Curriculum
  • Multiple Hands-on, Field Experience Opportunities
  • State of the Art Educational Facilities and Equipment
  • Academic Support for Athletes
  • Testing Services
  • Multiple Scholarship Opportunities
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Leadership and Personal Growth Development
  • Career Placement and Advisement
  • Distance Learning Programs

With a foundation built upon trust, respect, optimism, and intentionality, the College is best known for its:

  1. Pervasive caring faculty and staff
  2. Practitioner-based approach to teaching and learning
  3. Abundance of experiential learning opportunities
  4. Strong partnerships with school districts, government agencies, and local communities
  5. Cross-cutting themes of technology, diversity, and life-long learning


Admission to Professional Teacher Education Program

Student Teaching Information (Field Services)

Preschool Enrollment Information

Attention freshman students - Focused Interest Groups

A Focused Interest Group [FIG] is a group of students who have been co-enrolled in a set number of classes based on their program of study or a particular theme. FIGs have been specifically created to get students started in the appropriate courses and connected with a group of fellow students and the campus.  By participating in a FIG, students will have access to additional resources, such as increased tools for communication within the FIG, additional coordination with faculty, great opportunities for activities outside of class and much more.  For more information see this Help Center article.

Programs accredited through

Council for the Accreditation of Educational Preperation