Karl Greathouse Named 2021 University Valedictorian

Published: March 31, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Karl Greathouse, 2021 university valedictorianKarl Greathouse never planned on pursuing a degree in accounting, but four years after beginning his education at Southern Utah University, Greathouse has found a passion for accounting and has earned a spot at the top of the Class of 2021.

Originally from Wasilla, Alaska, Greathouse grew up hunting, fishing, running, and hiking. He was drawn to SUU by the school’s connection to the outdoors, as well as through his mother’s legacy of attending SUU.

“I found out about SUU because my mom went here for college,” said Greathouse. “I knew that I wanted to get out of Alaska for college and SUU offered what I still think is a much better education than I would have gotten in Alaska at a more affordable rate.”

While at SUU, Greathouse discovered a passion for management and accounting and decided to pursue accounting as a career. With the help of several SUU professors, Greathouse was able to find a way to integrate accounting into his life and to find a career path that was both exciting and innovative.

“Professor Ford had a great introductory accounting class that helped me recognize accounting as a very useful and exciting discipline contrary to what I had previously thought,” said Greathouse. “I had the privilege of learning from Professor Hawkins and Professor Lee, who have helped me see how exactly I wanted to pursue a career in accounting.”

During his time at SUU, Greathouse has had the opportunity to network with other students and create lifelong friendships. He has also served as the manager of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site at SUU, where he has applied his education in real time, helping volunteers make a difference in the tax returns of real taxpayers.

As he prepares to move on from SUU, Greathouse expresses his gratitude towards the faculty and students that have helped enhance his experience.

“I honestly can’t say enough good about the professors here at SUU, especially in the School of Business,” Greathouse said. “If it weren’t for accounting professors that took the time to talk to and mentor me, I doubt I ever would have gotten as excited about accounting as I am. Additionally being able to network and exchange knowledge and ideas I feel will be one of the great joys of my career that SUU has helped me to see early on.”

As he graduates, he encourages current and prospective students to enjoy their time in college.

“Get your stuff done and then have fun!! College is so much more than studying and books,” said Greathouse. “As far as learning goes, focus on deeper learning, so you are able to ask questions that can lead to independent learning. By looking deeper at the core concepts and reasons for something behaving the way it is or being the way it is, it’s pretty impossible to forget the surface process or fact.”

Greathouse will be graduating with an accounting major and a management minor. He plans to continue working on the paths that SUU has sent him down and one day, open a fly-in hunting and fishing service in Alaska. For more information about SUU's School of Business and the accounting program, visit their website.

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