Illustration Major Named 2021 CPVA Valedictorian

Published: April 08, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Valedictorian Emma CloveEmma Clove has been drawing since she was a child. Following that passion has brought her to the top of her class and earned her position as the 2021 College of Performing and Visual Arts valedictorian at Southern Utah University.

Clove got her start in art when she was a child and would ask her mother to trace drawings she liked so she could turn them into paper dolls. Eventually her mother told her to trace the drawings on her own, which is where she discovered a passion for drawing.

Though born in Cedar City, Clove grew up in Salt Lake City. The decision to return home to Cedar City for college was an easy choice made easier with the help of Professor Eric Brown, who spent time with Clove explaining the art program at SUU and how it would help her achieve her career goals.

“Throughout the program, Eric Brown has been a constant guide and resource, offering feedback and encouragement,” said Clove.

“Emma understands that a work of art consists of a set of problems to solve. She has a wonderful ability to focus intently, to understand her subject deeply, and to craft beautiful solutions that draw her audience in to share her discoveries,” Professor Brown said.

At SUU, Clove has excelled in her courses, including being listed on the Dean’s List, and has had her work featured at the Southern Utah Museum of Art. Several of her pieces were featured in SUMA’s “Day of the Dead” juried exhibition. Clove has also had the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, which helped expand her understanding of working for a client rather than creating art for a class.

“I got to create 13 illustrations and design the layout of the book which took a lot of effort and time management,” said Clove. “I was able to practice communicating with a client and discover how I worked best on a tight schedule. I had a positive experience and came to understand what I value in a job.”

Going forward, Clove will continue to expand her artistic skills and plans to find work with new clients that will expand her portfolio. As she looks back at her time at SUU, she encourages students to stay dedicated and put in the work necessary for success.

“Put in the hours from the start,” said Clove. “If you can spend more time on a project, do it. You can't be too detailed and careful with your execution. You may feel tired now but your future self will thank you for having a few more hours under your belt.”

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