Business Students Participate in National Phi Beta Lambda Competition

Published: September 28, 2022 | Author: Hayley Radle | Read Time: 2 minutes

Makayla Wilkey, Alexis McIff and Addison GarrisonEvery year, a number of students are given the chance to be rewarded for excellence at the National Phi Beta Lambda Competition, a business competition designed to help students display and strengthen their skills in numerous business-related fields. Southern Utah University’s Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business proudly recognizes the exceptional performances of three students who participated at this year’s competition in Chicago.

These students put a lot of time and work into their individual categories in order to bring their best foot forward and present themselves well, conquering the pressure that comes before presenting. This is often the most stressful time of the process, according to participant Alexis McIff, yet all three students who represented SUU performed exceptionally well throughout the entirety of the competition.

McIff, a senior marketing major, won first place in Marketing Concepts, fifth in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, and fourth in Business Presentation in collaboration with Addison Garrison, another SUU participant. Garrison, also a senior marketing major, won seventh in Business Communications in addition to fourth place in Business Presentation with McIff. Makayla Wilkey, a freshman biology major, won second place in Public Speaking as well as ninth place in Help Desk for both the Objective Test and Role Play. Participating in this competition in Chicago was a great experience for each student.

“I love seeing so many college students from around the world come together to network and compete in something we all care about,” said McIff. “I enjoy seeing people who don't know each other come together to help one another and become friends.”

Despite any stress and worry throughout the process, each student proved that putting in time and hard work for their individual presentations pays off in the end. Garrison, Wilkey, and McIff all demonstrated their knowledge and skills while exemplifying ambition and professionalism in the process. The School of Business is very proud of the accomplishments and placements they have achieved and their evident hard work. We can’t wait to see what else these students continue to do here at the university and beyond.

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