SUU No-cost Training Available to Alumni and Their Employees in Utah

Published: March 01, 2023 | Author: Susie Knudsen | Read Time: 2 minutes

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Southern Utah University (SUU) is pleased to offer no-cost training to alumni and their employees through the Community & Professional Development department. The “Workplace Ready” courses are all online and available to Utah residents targeting two in-demand industries: Tourism & hospitality, and Computer Technology. Due to limited seats, students are encouraged to apply before March 31, 2023.

“This training is designed to meet the needs of employers in the post pandemic workforce and teach essential skills to young professionals or those now looking to reenter the workforce,” said Melynda Thorpe, executive director of SUU Community and Professional Development. As the program can be completed in approximately 90 hours and results in digital credentials that can be uploaded to social media and added to a professional resume, “this is a perfect opportunity to upskill and reskill for career success,” Thorpe said.

Students will start with the T-bird 10 Professional Skills course that is delivered in a podcast-like format and includes interviews with Utah experts in essential areas. Each episode is about 35 minutes long and focuses on one specific skill. Topics include workplace professionalism, leadership, communication, cultural readiness, critical thinking, customer service, career development, project management, professional brand and teamwork.

The Tourism & Hospitality Career Pathway is designed to introduce learners to the many careers available and teach the skills necessary to stay competitive in this fun, fast-paced industry. There are three courses offered in this pathway including Tourism Guest Service Gold, Foundations in Tourism, Hospitality, & Outdoor Recreation, and Leadership & Tourism Management. Additionally, students may take the Utah Parks & Tourism Professional Certificate.

The Computer Technology Career Pathway covers practical skills to get you started in this thriving industry. Take the IT Help Desk, Cybersecurity, and Software as a Service courses to cover the bases. Dive deeper into cybersecurity with a professional certificate course that includes planning, risk management, network security and cryptography.

By completing this coursework, students will also have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor and gain a new reference. A free ticket to attend an upcoming conference to engage in additional learning and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals is also included in both pathways. Start your training today by applying to either the Tourism & Hospitality or Computer Technology Career Pathways at No-cost enrollment is made possible through a Learn and Work in Utah grant funded by Utah System of Higher Education (USHE). Must be age 17 or over to apply.

SUU’s Community and Professional Development department offers opportunities for adults to elevate their careers, stay competitive in the workforce and further develop as leaders. Located in the world’s best backyard, Southern Utah University is known as University of the Parks thanks to its close proximity to several national monuments, outdoor recreational areas and educational partnerships with the National Park Service. Reach your next career peak with SUU by visiting


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