SUU Honored to Admit Exceptional International Student

Published: August 07, 2023 | Author: Tevita Sekeni | Read Time: 2 minutes

Ron MendozaRon Gabriel Flores Mendoza is an outstanding international student who has chosen to continue his quest for academic excellence at Southern Utah University. 

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mendoza currently resides in American Samoa, where he recently graduated as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2023 from Manumalo Academy. His outstanding academic achievements, leadership roles, and passion for Biomedical Engineering have set him on a path toward a promising future. 

"We are excited and pleased that Ron has selected SUU,” said Stephen Allen, associate vice president of International Affairs at SUU. “He will be an impressive addition to campus. Ron impressed the University with his strong academic background and significant extracurricular involvement. He will make a difference on campus."

During his time in school, Mendoza demonstrated exceptional dedication to his studies by perfecting the Math Section of the SAT not once, but three times and by representing American Samoa at the HOSA Future Health Professionals International Leadership Conference. 

Mendoza competed in the Health Career Display category, ultimately earning a commendable 15th place among participants from around the world. He also demonstrated his natural inclination for leadership as president of the National Honor Society and vice president of the Student Government Association. 

This impressive track record of accomplishments earned Mendoza acceptance to several renowned universities, including UC Davis, UC Irvine, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, and Louisiana State University. 

After careful consideration, he has chosen to pursue his higher education at SUU. “Choosing SUU was an opportunity for me to soar to new heights in my academic journey,” said Mendoza. 

Renowned for its exceptional engineering program, SUU perfectly aligns with Mr. Mendoza's aspiration to build a successful career in Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, Mendoza envisions SUU as his future home, captivated by its breathtaking scenery, vibrant community, and diverse range of activities. With a passion for exploring parks and connecting with new people, he anticipates immersing himself in the enriching experiences offered by SUU and the surrounding area.

"Over the years SUU has made intentional efforts to recruit high-caliber students from the Pacific region and around the world. Ron is a great example of these efforts,” said Dr. Allen. “SUU is eager to provide higher education opportunities for more students like Ron in hopes that these bright young people will one day return to their respective communities to make a difference after their education at SUU."

With students as its highest priority, the SUU’s Office of International Affairs fosters globally engaged communities by supporting the exchange of values, cultures, and ideas in an effort to advance a more just, empathic, and prosperous world. Learn more about the services offered by SUU’s International Affairs.

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