Community on the Go

Community on the Go

Acts much like a study abroad program for adult members of the community interested in educational travel. Trips are designed to offer cultural and immersive educational experiences led by SUU experts and to support student scholarships. Groups of approximately 20-30 travelers at a time explore various parts of the world in a fun, affordable, and educational setting.

How it works

Trips are designed with community members in mind and are open to everyone of all ages. (Students can participate but do not receive credit for the travel.) We blend interesting events and activities with faculty led discussions to make all visits informative and enjoyable. Here's how it works.

  1. Follow the link to your favorite trip.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Pay your deposit.
  4. Get ready to go!

For assistance contact or (435) 586-7808.

Help SUU Students Succeed

Community on the Go Trips help fund scholarships for students at SUU. Recently scholarship funds have been awarded for students in the Anthropology, Foreign Languages, English, Psychology, and Arts Administration Programs, as well as SUU Allies on Campus.

Anthropology and Foreign Languages faculty receiving $5000 for scholarships.
Peru Trip May 2018 - Scholarship Presentation to Anthropology and Foreign Languages Programs

English and Psychology faculty receiving $5000 in scholarship funds
Halloween in Transylvania Trip October 2018 - Scholarship Presentation to The English and Psychology Departments

Arts Administration Faculty and members of the Allies on Campus Network receive $5000 in scholarship funds.
New York City Arts Trip November 2018 - Scholarship Presentation to LGBTQ Allies and Arts Administration Programs

Community on the Go is Presented in Partnership with

Alumni & Community Relations
Office of Institutional Advancement
Office of International Affairs