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POLICY #5.25 
SUBJECT: Vehicle Registration and Parking


The purpose of this Policy is to establish regulations for vehicle registration and parking. This Policy does not in any way supersede the authority of a certified police officer who works on or patrols SUU property.






  1. General Policy
    1. All faculty, staff and students using campus parking facilities must register their vehicles with the Parking Services office, display a valid University parking permit or SUU license plate, and abide by all SUU parking regulations. Parking permits are paid for via mySUU Portal; registration of vehicles and issuance of permits is through the Parking Services office. Vehicle permits expire on the date displayed on the permit. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space to park.
    2. A SUU collegiate license plate is available for purchase at the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. Vehicles displaying a SUU collegiate plate are permitted to park in any standard stall; however, this type of plate does not negate the requirements associated with ADA accessible parking or student housing parking, nor does it permit drivers to ignore posted signs (red zones, loading areas, reserved or visitor parking, etc.) or preclude the holders from registering their vehicles with Parking Services.
    3. Student Housing Permitted parking is enforced 24 hours a day while school is in session. General Permitted Parking is enforced from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session. University holidays are excluded. All other parking regulations and State laws are enforceable at all times year round.
    4. The University administration may make changes to parking regulations at any time.
  2. General Traffic and Parking Rules
    1. Motor vehicle laws of the State of Utah are enforced on campus.
    2. All University parking lots are classified as State streets and highways.
    3. The issuance of a State Traffic Citation by a certified police officer will be processed through the Cedar City Justice court. Parking Services does not assume any authority associated with state traffic citations.
    4. All accidents should be reported to the Southern Utah University Police immediately following the accident.
    5. The speed limit in the campus parking lots is 10 mph.
    6. Vehicles having four (4) or more citations are subject to stationary impound or towing. SUU assumes no liability for any damage incurred during stationary impound or towing. All associated towing fees and citations must be paid by the vehicle owner or responsible driver prior to release of the vehicle.
    7. Permits and SUU Plates are for the sole use of the person to whom they are issued and must be displayed as directed. All vehicles displaying a permit must be registered with SUU Parking Services.
    8. The University assumes no liability for any vehicle or its contents while parked on campus. Drivers park at their own risk.
    9. For effective snow removal purposes, overnight parking in campus lots is prohibited from November 1st to April 30th. Vehicles left overnight during these months may be towed in order to clear lots for snow removal. Student housing lots and other designated lots are exempt. Overnight parking at other times must be approved by Parking Services and SUU Police.
  3. Basic Regulations
    1. Appeals: Citations issued by Parking Services may be appealed through the Parking Citation Arbitration Committee. Appeals must be received within 10 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. No appeal will be accepted after the tenth day.
    2. Reserved and ADA accessible parking: Any person displaying a valid disabled parking placard may park in any legitimate parking stall. Unauthorized parking in spaces reserved for those with disabilities may result in the vehicle being towed and impounded in an off-campus location. Towing and impound costs will be assessed to the vehicle owner/driver. The University assumes no liability for impounded vehicles.
    3. Visitor Parking: Visitors without a permit are welcome to park in any open lot, as indicated by signs posted at each lot and as outlined on the campus parking map. Visitor parking is allowed in other campus lots when a proper permit is displayed. Visitor permits are available from Parking Services.
    4. Student Housing: Student Housing parking areas are for the exclusive use of those students who reside in on-campus housing. A Student Housing parking permit is only valid in lots labeled as residence hall parking lots. Students who reside in on-campus housing are only allowed to purchase a Student Housing parking permit.
    5. Motorcycle and Moped Parking: Motorcycles and mopeds parking on campus must be registered with the Parking Services office. Motorcycle and moped parking is provided in designated areas throughout the campus. Regular automobile parking spaces are not to be used to park motorcycles or mopeds.
  4. Violations and Penalties
    1. The Parking Services office is authorized to enforce campus parking regulations and recommend a schedule of violations and penalties to the administration, as needed.
    2. Fines are charged for all tickets in accordance with amounts listed on the ticket. Payments can be made through the Cashier’s Office or the Parking Services website.
      1. Fines 30 days overdue are subject to late fees, for which the University may apply the following remedies:
        1. Fines charged to individual University accounts.
        2. Academic holds, including transcript and registration holds.
        3. Payroll deduction for tickets remaining unpaid after 30 days.




The responsible office for this Policy is the Vice President for Operations. For questions about this Policy, contact Parking Services.


Date Approved: December 13, 1990

Amended: September 23, 2005; July 10, 2008; March 22, 2012; March 25, 2020