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POLICY #6.19
SUBJECT: Grade Appeal


The purpose of this Policy is to establish a procedure by which a student may request a change of grade.


  1. Southern Utah University Policy 6.1 Faculty Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure
  2. Southern Utah University Policy 6.13 Grading
  3. Southern Utah University Policy 6.28 Faculty Professional Responsibility




  1. A student may request a change of grade for any of three (3) reasons:
    1. A clerical or computational error was made by the instructor in assigning the grade.
    2. The instructor lost or damaged student work that had been completed and submitted as assigned.
    3. The instructor evaluated the student's work on the basis of different factors than were used to evaluate the work of the other students in the course.
  2. The student will first discuss the request for change of grade with the instructor. If the matter cannot be resolved, the student may appeal to the Department Chair. If resolution is still not reached, the student may appeal to the Dean of the College/School. Appeal to the Dean must be initiated within six (6) months after the end of the course. If discussion with the Dean does not resolve the matter, the Dean will refer the appeal to the College/School Grade Committee. The College/School Grade Committee will rule on the matter within two (2) months of the date of the appeal to the Dean.
  3. The College/School Grade Committee will be appointed annually by the Dean. The Committee will consist of five (5) members of the college:
    1. a Department Chair;
    2. three (3) faculty members; and
    3. one (1) student (preferably one of the elected SUUSA Senators from the College/School).

The Dean will replace any member of the Committee who is directly involved in a particular case.

  1. When a grade appeal is referred to the College/School Grade Committee, the Committee will schedule a formal hearing at which the student and the instructor may each make a statement of the case. The Committee may hear other witnesses and examine evidence as they choose.
  2. The Committee may decide:
    1. no action;
    2. the grade will be changed; or
    3. the student may replace lost or damaged work.

The Committee's decision will be binding on all parties. Sufficient evidence must be presented for the Committee to recommend a change of grade or the acceptance of replacement work. If a change of grade is recommended, the Dean will sign and file the grade change form. If replacement work is recommended, the Dean will appoint a faculty member to evaluate the replacement work and decide the student's final grade.

  1. If the Committee recommends a change of grade or a re-evaluation with replacement work, the Committee will prepare a summary of the appeal and the reasons for the decision. The summary will be placed in the instructor's permanent file.
  2. When a student wishes to submit work in satisfaction of the terms of a contract accompanying a grade of "I" and the instructor is no longer employed at the University, the Department Chair will appoint another faculty member to evaluate the student's work and recommend a final grade. The Department Chair will file a change of grade form, according to the recommendation.
  3. Accumulation of multiple recommendations of change of grade or replacement work in an instructor's file may be used as evidence by the Dean in bringing action against the instructor under Policy 6.28.




The responsible office for this Policy is the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. For questions about the grade appeal process, contact the Office of the Provost. For questions on how to submit a changed grade, contact the Registrar’s Office.


Date Approved: August 17, 1994

Amended: N/A