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POLICY #6.24
SUBJECT: Faculty Appointments and Contracts


The purpose of this Policy is to establish policy on faculty Appointments and contracts.


  1. (Faculty) Appointment: A contractual agreement between a faculty member and the University.


  1. Faculty Appointments
    1. The University has a right to the professional services of each faculty member as described in the Appointment agreement.
    2. The Appointment of new faculty will be initiated on a Faculty Appointment contract. The Appointment of tenured and tenure-track faculty members will be renewed each year in an agreement for Appointment. (Contact the Office of Human Resources for a copy of the written contract.) If a new contract is not signed before the expiration date, and the employee has not been terminated, the contract from last year will continue as is until renegotiated, or other appropriate action taken.
    3. Notice of intent to dismiss or terminate a tenure track faculty member must be communicated in writing, in accordance with Policy 6.28.
    4. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, Appointments for all non-tenure-track faculty members are annual contracts and may be renewed, contingent on funding and performance as per University policy.
    5. A faculty member’s decision to resign will be submitted in writing by the faculty member as soon as possible. The resignation will be submitted to the Department Chair/Division Head (or Director where applicable). The administrator will then advise the Dean and Director of Human Resources of the decision. The effective date of a faculty member’s resignation terminates all rights and privileges, such as rank and tenure, that they enjoyed as a faculty member.
    6. The University may also employ faculty members with a supplemental contract, as needed, for professional services beyond a standard workload. (See Policies 6.9 and 6.27).
  2. Faculty Requirements
    1. The University shall hire faculty members who are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship/creativity, and service.
    2. The University shall take sufficient time to seek and investigate thoroughly candidates for Appointment to assure that only highly qualified personnel are employed. The University shall not discriminate against any candidate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, veteran status, marital or parental status, or a legally recognized disability.
    3. Policy 6.1 sets forth the minimum degree requirements expected for tenure and appropriate ranks at the University.
  3. Term
    1. The standard, academic year Appointment for faculty is generally nine (9) months, beginning in mid-August and extending to mid-May. Each year the University will publish a calendar stipulating the exact beginning and ending dates.
    2. Faculty on nine-month contracts do not earn annual or sick leave. The University carries a long-term disability insurance policy to cover faculty. The University understands that debilitating illnesses of shorter duration require departments to cover the classes of briefly disabled colleagues. These absences are not construed by the University as failure of the disabled faculty member to perform contractual duties. See Policy 8.2.8.
    3. Faculty on nine-month contracts may earn up to three (3) additional months of salary for teaching, research, or administrative assignments, as per Policy 6.9. This additional salary, outside the nine-month contract, is separate from item IV.A.6. above.
    4. As provided by policy, faculty members may earn compensation for professional consulting during the academic year. Faculty members who consult professionally must report the nature and time consulting to their immediate supervisor.
    5. Faculty in administrative or other assignments may have contracts greater than nine (9) months, depending on job responsibilities.



The responsible office for this Policy is the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. For questions about this Policy, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Date Approved: June 13, 2003

Amended: August 24, 2012