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POLICY #6.38
SUBJECT: Faculty Hiring


The purpose of this Policy is to outline the process for hiring faculty.




  1. The Department Chair initiates the request by submitting a recruitment authorization form to the Dean.
  2. When a Dean and the Provost approves a recruitment authorization form, the Department Chair sets up a search committee and selects a chair for the search committee.
  3. The search committee, in consultation with the Department Chair and Dean, drafts a position announcement. In consultation with the Provost, the Department Chair and Dean establish the negotiable salary range. SUU promotes hiring practices that enhance faculty diversity in all its forms. Positions will be advertised nationally.
  4. The Dean insures that the position is advertised in a timely fashion.
  5. The search committee will be comprised of at least three (3) faculty members, including members of each gender and representation from the program. When possible, an upper-division student from the academic department, or from a related department within the College/School, serves on the committee in an ex-officio role. A qualified individual beyond the College/School and campus community may serve as a committee member.
  6. The Screening Process
    1. The chair of the search committee convenes the committee, reviews the job description with committee members, directs the screening of applicants, and compiles the record of the committee’s proceedings. The committee chair also invites a member of the staff of the Human Resources Office to join the committee at its first meeting for a review of University hiring policy and orientation to the committee’s assignment.
    2. A record will be kept of the search proceedings and filed with the Human Resources Office. The record will include the names of those persons serving on the search committee, a copy of the position description, and a copy of appointment forms.
    3. Each committee member reviews all of the applications received for the position. A score or ranking (the format of which may be agreed upon by the committee members prior to reviewing the applications) is then assigned to each candidate based on how well the applicant meets the criteria outlined in the position description. Committee members may meet to discuss the scoring or ranking before the chair of the committee compiles the scores.
    4. After reviewing and scoring the applications according to the job description, the committee identifies a suitable pool of candidates for interviewing. For cost and practical reasons, the interviewing pool is normally limited to three (3) or four (4) candidates. The search committee apprises the Department Chair and Dean of their progress.
  7. Interviews
    1. The Department Chair, search committee chair, and Dean identify the finalists to be interviewed and extend invitations for a visit to campus.
    2. The search committee chair schedules campus visits and/or coordinates interviews with the search committee by way of telephone, webcam or other means.
    3. Before interviews proceed, the search committee will contact references for all preferred candidates. All reference contacts will be documented with additional references and comments noted. As a courtesy to candidates, permission from the candidate will be obtained before the search committee contacts additional references at the candidate’s current place of employment. It will also be noted if the candidate declines contact of additional references.
    4. Each invited candidate will demonstrate their teaching and scholarship in their respective fields. The search committee chair will provide adequate notice of what is expected.
    5. The visit will normally include an orientation meeting with the Human Resources office; a tour of the campus; a presentation to departmental faculty and others; and interviews with the Department chair, the Dean, and the Provost (or their designee). When possible, the candidate(s) will meet with the President.
  8. Appointment
    1. When interviews are completed, the search committee submits recommendations to the Department Chair and the Dean. Once its recommendations are made, the search committee will not initiate further contact with the candidates. If contacted by a candidate, a committee member will limit comment to the effect that recommendations have been forwarded to the Provost's Office.
    2. The Department Chair and Dean, in consultation with the Provost, make the hiring decision and a final recommendation to the President.
    3. The Dean and Department Chair, coordinating as needed with the Human Resources Office, set the contract starting date.
    4. The Dean and Provost, in consultation with the search committee chair, authorize the Department Chair to extend a tentative offer within the salary range previously determined, and if the offer is accepted, the Department Chair initiates the appointment documents (current appointment documents/forms are available on the SUU Human Resources’ webpage). In the event that the top candidate declines the offer, the position may then be offered to another qualified candidate, until the position is filled. At the discretion of the Dean and Provost, the search may be reopened, following the same search and interview procedures.
    5. The Dean forwards the appointment documents to the Provost for action, who, in turn, forwards them to the President.
    6. The Provost, under the direction of the President, will prepare materials as needed for action by the President and Board of Trustees.
    7. Once the appointment documents are approved, the President authorizes the acceptance of appointment to be sent to the candidate.
  9. The Human Resources Office drafts letters to non-selectees and, when notified by the Department Chair, distributes the letters.
  10. Search Expenses
    1. For each position advertised, the Dean of the College/School will receive from the Provost an allocation of funds for transportation, food, and lodging for candidates interviewed on campus (receipts must be submitted). The Dean is responsible to budget and expend the funds.
    2. Other expenses for advertising and entertainment will be the department’s obligation.
  11. Faculty with Special Appointments
    1. Before appointing faculty in wage-rated/adjunct assignments, the Department Chair will consult with the department’s faculty and then make a recommendation to the Dean.
    2. In cases where an off-campus individual is seeking visiting faculty status, the credentials will be reviewed by the Department Chair in consultation with department’s faculty. The Department Chair and Dean, in consultation with the Provost, will make the final recommendation to the President.
    3. Emergency appointments not in the tenure track may be forwarded by the President to the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Department Chair, Dean, and Provost. Such an appointment will not exceed one (1) year. Continuation beyond such a term appointment must be re-advertised as per policy.
    4. Special appointment status will be annotated on the faculty member’s contract along with relevant terms and conditions.



The responsible office for this Policy is the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. For questions about the hiring process, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Date Approved: October 10, 2003

Amended: August 24, 2012; January 30, 2015