Celebration with participants of the Hustle 2.0 programReceive Your Hustle 2.0 Credits

Those who have completed Hustle 2.0 in the following manner are eligible for SUU credits: 

1. Scoring 80%+ on The Preseason
2. Earning 1800+ points across Hustle Guide: Book One and Hustle Guide: Book Two

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Meet with an Advisor

Start planning your degree and request your newly earned credits be moved to your official transcript.

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Earned Hustle 2.0 Professional Development credits, or Continuing Education Units (CEU), will be reflected on your CEU transcript. By meeting with an advisor, you can request these to be moved to your official transcript and applied toward a degree at SUU.

Hustle 2.0 Program

Hustle 2.0 reduces crime, violence, and recidivism through evidence-based, trauma-informed programs that equip incarcerated people with the tools to transform their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors. The founder's programs have served 10,000+ people with criminal histories and produced recidivism rates of less than 10% since 2004. Hustle 2.0’s comprehensive curriculum combines the voices of people affected by incarceration with the voices of leading correctional rehabilitation authorities.

Southern Utah University is proud to partner with Hustle 2.0 to provide credits to formerly incarcerated individuals who have completed the rigorous program. This partnership provides learners in the program an opportunity to continue learning, pursue a degree and take the first steps toward a successful career as an entrepreneur.

In Partnership

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