Plan, Prepare & Promote Your SUU Events

There are dozens of resources on campus to help you plan, set-up and promote your event or announcement. 

Planning Your Event

Before hosting an event on campus, you need to make sure you've done all the proper steps to reserve your space, gotten appropriate waivers established, followed rules regarding food, etc. These links are to help you cover those bases. 

Set-Up Your Event

Once your event is officially approved and ready to proceed, there are areas of campus that can help you with the actual setup of the event. 

Promote Your Event

Promoting your event is how you let people know it is happening. Before any other channels are considered, your event should be posted to the SUU Events Calendar. 

Remember, just because your event was submitted, does not mean it is approved to be promoted in that spot. There will be follow-up communications to finalize details. 

Additional Promotional Resources

If you would like your event promoted in these other spots, you will need to contact them directly.