Club Purchases and Funding

Making Purchases

SUU Clubs are eligible to spend funds both on- and off-campus using either an "Index Card" or "Purchasing Card". In order to use either card, one designated member from a club may check out the card(s) at the STIL Office (ST 177) Front Desk.

Purchasing Methods

Index Card - On-Campus purchases

Index Cards are white, plastic cards that list a club's "Index Code". They are used for purchases made from on-campus vendors, i.e. SUU Bookstore, Copy Shop, SUU Dining Services, SUU Outdoors, etc. An Index Card must be present at time of purchase in order to be able to use club funds.

Purchasing Card (P-Card) - Off-Campus Purchases

Purchasing Cards, typically referred to as "P-Cards" are Visa credit cards used for making purchases off-campus. In order to receive a P-card, a club may have one designated member apply for the card at the STIL Office (ST 177) front desk. After completing the P-card application and turning it in at the STIL Office, the form will be processed and the card will be delivered to the STIL Office in 2-3 weeks. After the card arrives, the designated cardholder will schedule and attend a 15-minute training at the Purchasing Office (BB 102).

Card Check-out/in Procedures

Only the designated individual from each club who completed the card application(s) and attended the training(s) may check out either the Index Card or the Purchasing Card.

Clubs may only check out the card for 24 hours at a time.

Club Funding

You can check the balance of your club account by talking with a Front Desk Professional Staff member in the STIL Office (ST 177).

Requesting Money

Here is a general breakdown of the SUUSA Funding Policy:

• All registered students, student clubs, and non-USO student organizations can request money from SUUSA. Staff and Faculty members, as well as university departments do not qualify. Students can receive up to $150 per year, and clubs can receive up to $2000 per year.

• These requests must be submitted through T-Bird Connections on the Funding Request form, and adhere to the conditions and criteria set in this policy

• Requests should be submitted to the Budget and Finance Committee four [4] weeks before they are intended to be used.

• Those requesting must be able to finance an equal or greater amount to what they receive from SUUSA.

• Money received from SUUSA cannot be used to pay for coursework or related. It should be used for co-curricular or extracurricular activities.

• Requested funds can be used for:

  • Meals and/or food (See Article III, Section 7)
  • Recreational Expenses (See Article III, Section 5)
  • Uniforms and/or other clothing and apparel (See Article III, Section 6)
  • Cost of Travel (See Article III, Sections 3 & 4)

Club Fundraising

Clubs may schedule events or mall tables for fundraising and/or promotional activities provided that all money received reverts back to the organization to promote its mission and purpose. Any student fundraiser in direct competition with university auxiliary services (i.e. SUU Bookstore, Chartwells, etc.) must receive permission from the auxiliary entity. After permission is received from the auxiliary entity, then you may submit the event on T-Bird Connection.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Give Back Nights: Many different businesses in Cedar City are willing to work with Student Clubs to help them fundraise. This is done by doing a “Give Back” Night for Clubs where clubs set up a day to have students and other community members come in and eat at the restaurant and they will receive a certain percentage back
  • On-Campus Events: Student Clubs may use a Mall Table or charge admission into an event that they are trying to fundraise for as long as that event is approved through T-Bird connection and all funds revert back to the organization.
  • Club Fundraising: What can your club provide that isn't already offered on Campus. It could be Graphic Designs, Selling an item your club makes, or any special skills your members have to offer.

Important notice: Many student organizations contemplate holding a lottery or raffle to raise funds for their organization but should note that the State of Utah has prohibited lotteries and raffles as a form of gambling. If your organization is contemplating doing a raffle, an item must be given along with the raffle ticket. For example, a sucker must be given with the raffle ticket if you are accepting a monetary donation for a raffle your organization is hosting.

How to Request Money

To complete a funding request, begin by filling out the form below. Within a week, someone from the Clubs Committee or Finance Committee will get in contact with you to set up a brief meeting in which you will solidify the details of your funding request.

Funding Request Form