Club Funding and Travel

Club Funding

SUU Clubs are eligible to spend funds in two different ways both of which need to be checked out from the STIL Offices Room ST177 (From front Desk Staff). To get both cards for your Club you will need to fill out a Purchasing Form at the front desk of the STIL office and then attend a 15-minute training when your cards arrive.

  • Index Card - on Campus purchases
    • The first is for on-campus expenses, and it is called an Index Card. This is a white card that contains the index of the club on it and is created for every club. It must be present during the purchase in order to be able to use the club funds.
  • Purchasing Card - off Campus Purchases
    • The second is for off-campus expenses and is called a P-card. (purchasing card).To get a P-card, the designated P-card holder will have to go to (the front desk of the STIL offices Room 177) and fill out a Purchasing Card Form. Once this is completed it will take 2-3 weeks for the card to come to the offices. When the card arrives a 15-minute training is given to the cardholder at the Purchasing Office in the Bennion Building.

The only person able to check out either card mentioned above is the person who filled out the forms and attended the training.

Clubs are only able to check out the card for 24 hr increments.

Clubs are also eligible for up to $2,000 in funding from the SUUSA Senate. To do this you will need to complete a funding request form 3 weeks before the date of which you plan to use the money. The form is located on the T-bird connection homepage. After completing the form it will be reviewed by the Finance Committee, and if needed be approved through the senate.

The Club Committee provides some participation money for various events throughout the year like the homecoming parade, Meet your Clubs, and others but they are a first come first serve. Merit money is another option for clubs to receive funding and you can receive this by meeting with your club director.

You can check the balance of your club account by talking with a Front Desk Professional Staff member in the STIL Office Room ST177.

Club Fundraising

Clubs may schedule events or mall tables for fundraising and/or promotional activities provided that all money received reverts back to the organization to promote its mission and purpose. Any student fundraiser in direct competition with university auxiliary services (i.e. SUU Bookstore, Chartwells, etc.) must receive permission from the auxiliary entity. After permission is received from the auxiliary entity, then you may submit the event on T-Bird Connection.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Give Back Nights: Many different businesses in Cedar City are willing to work with Student Clubs to help them fundraise. This is done by doing a “Give Back” Night for Clubs where clubs set up a day to have students and other community members come in and eat at the restaurant and they will receive a certain percentage back
  • On-Campus Events: Student Clubs may use a Mall Table or charge admission into an event that they are trying to fundraise for as long as that event is approved through T-Bird connection and all funds revert back to the organization.
  • Club Fundraising: What can your club provide that isn't already offered on Campus. It could be Graphic Designs, Selling an item your club makes, or any special skills your members have to offer.

Important notice: Many student organizations contemplate holding a lottery or raffle to raise funds for their organization but should note that the State of Utah has prohibited lotteries and raffles as a form of gambling. If your organization is contemplating doing a raffle, an item must be given along with the raffle ticket. For example, a sucker must be given with the raffle ticket if you are accepting a monetary donation for a raffle your organization is hosting.

Club Travel & Travel Requests

Travel requests are done to show that your club is covered under SUU's insurance and verifies that you are allowed to travel on behalf of SUU. A club wanting to travel for an event can fill out a travel authorization to either get travel advances or reimbursements for their trips. If a club is wanting to travel more than 300 miles, or out of state, they must have their advisor traveling with them and the advisor must help the Club President fill out the travel request. These requests must be done at least 5 days in advance for Travel Advances and 10 days after for Travel reimbursements.

Travel Authorization System

The travel system has two expense types:

  • Out-of-pocket – Expenses paid from personal or advanced funds
  • Departmental – Expenses paid by P.O., P-Card, or interdepartmental transfers

If you are using a Motor Pool vehicle you will need to contact them. The Motor pool expense will default to a departmental type and private vehicle expense will need to be listed as either ‘gas’ or ‘mileage.’

Index and Foapal

An index points to a Foapal, which is basically the funding source you wish to use. If a club has gained or spent money, you have a club index. If you do not know what your index is, Contact: or stop by the STIL offices (Room ST177)

If you don’t have any money in your account you won't be able to spend anything and if you end up going into debt your club account will be frozen.

Travel Advances

Students are not eligible to receive Travel Advances. Advisors traveling with the club my request an advance for their own expenses, and if need be, for registration/entry fees that need to be paid in cash. All other registration/entry fees should be paid prior to the event by Purchase Order or PCard. Travel Advances are available for payment 14 days before traveling.

Travel Reimbursement

Students are eligible for Travel Reimbursement. Requests must be submitted within ten days of returning from the trip.


  • Meals are reimbursed for trips over 150 miles from departure location and are traveling for more than twelve hours.
  • No receipts are necessary if you are using the per diem rates for reimbursement.
  • If meals are provided at the event or conference, reimbursement may not be eligible.
  • Reimbursement of meals provided for guests must indicate the name and title of guest, business purpose of meal, and itemized receipt accompanied by a business Meal Certification Form.


  • Reasonable lodging will be reimbursed for actual costs if supported by an itemized receipt.
  • If the traveler elects to lodge somewhere other than a hotel/motel (e.g. family, campsite) they will be eligible for per diem of $20.00 per night. The name of person/place and address must be attached for reimbursement.


  • No receipts are necessary when using the per diem rates for reimbursement.
  • If mileage is significantly higher than mileage to/from destination please provide a statement explaining extra mileage.
  • If reimbursement is for travel with multiple destinations include a travel log that includes beginning and ending mileage for each destination.
  • Mileage to common destinations, current per diem, and mileage rates can be found by clicking on the ‘Helpful Links’ button on the reimbursement form.
  • Travel by personal vehicle can also be reimbursed at actual cost, with gas receipts attached. This typically is much easier on limited budgets.

If your club has a limited budget, it is possible to travel at personal expense and not claim reimbursements. If this is the case, travelers will still need to go through all the steps of completing a Travel Authorization and, upon returning, Reimbursement and Expense Report. The report must have an entry for all of the above categories (meals, lodging, mileage, etc.) but if the travelers do not want to claim reimbursement, or are not able to because of a limited budget, they may mark that expense as zero dollars out of pocket.