Adding the Academic Calendar

The following steps illustrate how to add the SUU Academic Calendar to your work or personal Google calendar. 


Navigate to your personal/work calendar in Google Workspaces:

Screenshot of Google Workspace menu with Calendar highlighted


Click on the plus sign (+) next to "Other Calendars" and select Subscribe to calendar:

 Looping gif showing a user selecting the plus sign next to Add calendar and then selecting Subscribe to calendar


Copy the following address for the SUU Academic Calendar:

Note: To add the Academic Affairs Calendar, use this address:


Paste the address into the Add calendar box. Make sure there are no spaces in the address and the @ symbol is preserved. (Some programs may paste it as %40% instead.)

After confirming the address is correct, hit enter.

Showing the copied address in the Add calendar textbox


Your personal/work calendar is now populated with the events from the Academic Calendar. 

Showing the new Academic Calendar events at the top of the calendar

Google will automatically assign a color to the calendar. If you'd like to change this color, hover over the SUU Academic Calendar and select the three-dot options menu at the righthand side. You may then select one of the other prepopulated colors or create a custom color.

Looping gif showing the process of changing a calendar's assigned color


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