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Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

As the only Psy.D. program in the State of Utah, the SUU Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology is focused on training ethical and culturally sensitive psychologists pursuing state licensure in the field of Health Services Psychology. The program’s location in Cedar City, Utah, provides an ideal environment for training in specialized placement sites that serve Native American, Hispanic, Veteran, student, and other rural populations. In addition to classes facilitated by expert faculty and culturally relevant clinical training activities, students within the program are supervised by practicing psychologists with a range of clinical specializations.

Founding Director's Welcome

Steve Barney

I am happy to welcome you to the Psy.D. program in clinical psychology at Southern Utah University. Our faculty are committed to providing you with the best possible education and clinical training experiences in the region. We have worked tirelessly to develop program activities that will enhance your foundational knowledge of psychological science, evidence-based practices, professional ethics, individual and cultural diversity, and sense of social responsibility.

In the Psy.D. program you will learn and practice research-supported psychotherapy, work with diverse and disadvantaged groups of people, conduct comprehensive clinical and educational assessments, engage in scholarly inquiry, and hone your skills in critical thinking. Our goal is to help you develop the discipline-specific knowledge and profession-wide competencies necessary to become an entry-level practicing psychologist, and to inspire you to contribute to your communities and the profession in meaningful and impactful ways.

Southern Utah University fully supports the Psy.D. Program, and sees our graduate students as vital contributors to the mental health and wellness of the campus, the community, and the region. Beginning with our first cohort, all Psy.D. students are fully funded with tuition waivers and 12-month graduate assistantship stipends. We are excited that this development further solidifies our commitment to making this program accessible to students from diverse backgrounds in meaningful ways.

-Steve Barney, Founding Director


Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)