Psy.D. Graduation

Student focusing in a classroom on their work

Students admitted into the Psy. D. program in Clinical Psychology are responsible for completing the program requirements that are in effect at the time of their admission. The school retains the rights to modify these requirements in accordance with the demands of the profession of psychology and in response to program assessment outcomes, and accreditation recommendations.

Successfully complete a total of 104 required credit hours (101 core credits, and at least 3 elective credits) which include:

  • 15 Credit hours of required foundation courses in scientific psychology as listed below (each course is 3 credit hours unless otherwise specified):

    • Human development
    • Cognition and Affection

    • Biological bases of behavior
    • Advanced social psychology
    • History and Systems

  • 6 credit hours of professional ethics (PSY 6100, PSY 7901)
  • 6 credit hours of psychopathology (PSY 6450, PSY 6630)
  • 3 credit hours of individual and cultural diversity (PSY 6620)
  • 15 credit hours of psychotherapy theory and practice (PSY 6300, 6310, 6320,
    7350, 6810 Rural Mental Health and Substance Use)
  • 3 credit hours of group theory and interventions (PSY 7250)
  • 11 credit hours of assessment theory and practice (PSY 6250-4CH, PSY 6255-4CH, PSY 6630-3CH)
  • 9 credit hours of research and statistics (PSY 6700, 6705, 7010)

  • 3 credit hours of supervision and consultation (PSY 7900)

  • 5 credit hours of Doctoral Research Project (PSY 7905)
  • 25 credit hours of clinical practicum experience (PSY 6510 (1 CH), 6520 (24 CH))

Successful completion of the Clinical Competency Qualifying Examination, which includes a written submission and an oral defense.

  • Completion and oral defense of a Doctoral Research Project

  • Successful completion of a one-year clinical internship

  • Completion of all degree requirements within a 7-year time frame with all coursework and practicum completed by the end of the fifth year, and before starting the predoctoral internship

  • A completed Application for Graduation submitted to the Graduate Studies Office


Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)