Program Details

Step into the next phase of your music teaching career with Southern Utah University's unique Master of Music Education program, tailored specifically for working music teachers like you! To provide the best possible experience, we have built this program to focus on the following -


We understand the demands of your profession, which is why our course schedule is designed with your needs in mind. Our program kicks off with a three-week summer session that allows you to enhance your teaching and conducting skills through hands-on, face-to-face sessions with our exceptional faculty. During the school year, you'll have the flexibility to take online courses that align with the areas you're actually teaching. These practical courses, taught by former public school music teachers, are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.


Our 30-credit degree program includes 10 elective credits, giving you the freedom to design the exact degree that aligns with your interests and professional goals.

Explore specialized topics such as:

  • instrument repair
  • private lessons in secondary areas
  • private conducting lessons
  • composing for your school groups
  • recording techniques for your ensembles
  • teaching music production courses
  • utilizing music software programs
  • and much more...

Additionally, you can delve into directed readings courses that cover topics such as:

  • recruitment strategies
  • program advocacy
  • classroom management
  • student leadership programs
  • and other relevant topics.

We even offer specialized pedagogy courses in vocal, jazz, marching band, and Bornoff string pedagogy. In short, this program empowers you to shape your own educational journey.


We believe that pursuing advanced education should be accessible to all. That's why our program is priced at just $430 per credit for everyone, whether you're an in-state or out-of-state student. With a total tuition cost of just over $12,000 for all 30 credits, our program offers outstanding value. Additionally, we offer scholarships and tuition waivers on a first come, first serve basis, providing further financial support.

Take the leap and enhance your teaching career with Southern Utah University's Master of Music Education program. Join us today and become a well-rounded, innovative music educator.

Course Schedule

Summer Sessions - Three Week Courses in June

Subject Number Course Name Hours Semester
MUED 6120 Graduate Seminar in Music History 2 Odd Summers
MUED 6220 Music Teaching and Learning 3 Odd Summers
MUED 6110 Music Theory Pedagogy 2 Even Summers
MUED 6210 Curriculum Organization in Music 3 Even Summers
MUED 6250 Conducting 1 1 Every Summer
MUED 6260 Conducting 2 1 Every Summer

Fall / Spring Core Classes

Subject Number Course Name Hours Semester
MUED 6450 Practicum 1 1 Fall Only
MUED 6460 Practicum 2 1 Spring Only
MUED 6030 Research in Music Education 3 Spring Only
MUED 6970 Capstone Project 3 Every Semester

Workshop Electives - Offered when the workshops available

Subject Number Course Name Hours Semester
MUED 5010 Professional Development Workshop 1-3 When Available
MUED 5810 Band Repair Workshop 1 When Available
MUED 5820 Orchestra Repair Workshop 1 When Available
MUED 5830 Percussion Repair Workshop 1 When Available

MUED Electives - Offered online and available every semester

Subject Number Course Name Hours Semester



Professional Development in Music Education

  • Conferences
  • Bornoff Workshops
  • Repair Workshops


Every Semester



Applied Individual Music Pedagogy

  • Private Lessons
  • Conducting Lessons
  • Composition Lessons


Every Semester



Performance Ensemble


Every Semester



MUED Tech Projects

  • Notation Software
  • Music Production Methods
  • Recording Your Ensemble
  • Smart Music Curriculum


Every Semester



Special Topics in Music Education

  • Jazz Pedagogy
  • Marching Band Pedagogy (Summer)
  • Vocal Pedagogy


Every Semester



Directed Readings in Music Education

  • Recruiting
  • Classroom Management
  • Student Leadership
  • Music Advocacy
  • SEL for Music Education


Every Semester



Special Projects in Music Education


Every Semester

Application Requirements

Please complete the entire application and submit before the deadline of the term for which you wish to be considered for admission. Applications must be complete before the deadline.


The following materials must be sent to SUU Admissions Office at :

  1. Complete and submit application
  2. Transcripts from each college or university attended (unless institution is SUU)
  3. Resume with attached written statement of purpose (cover letter)
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation (*One letter must come form an administrator that can confirm employment status)

Applicants must meet the following criteria for admittance into the Music Education Program:

  1. Cumulative Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  2. Bachelors Degree in Music w/ Teaching Certification (Transcripts to demonstrate)
  3. Proof of Current Teaching Position (Three Letters of Recommendation; at least one from an Administrator who can confirm current and ongoing employment in a music ensemble classroom)

    Prospective students will need to be currently employed as a music teacher in a school setting. Practicum assignments require students to try techniques with their own classes as the lab setting, the requirement of having a teaching position is of the utmost importance.
  4. Resume and Written Statement of Purpose (Cover letter)
  5. Successful Admission to Graduate School by approval of the Master of Music Education Committee