FERPA Hearing Process

  1. Upon receipt of a request for a hearing on a student education record amendment request under SUU Policy 11.2, the Registrar will notify the Vice President for Student Affairs of the request for a hearing. The Vice President for Student Affairs appoints a hearing officer.
  2. The hearing should allow an opportunity for the person challenging the record amendment denial an opportunity to present information relevant to the request to amend, as related to the allowable bases for amendment. Likewise, the hearing officer may consider input from the University administrator who denied the request to amend and/or the Registrar, as applicable, and any relevant University documentation. The hearing officer has discretion to determine order, questions to ask the requester and other procedural decisions.
  3. The requirements for advisors, if permitted by a hearing officer, found in the Student Code of Conduct, SUU Policy 11.2, apply to any hearing under this Policy.
  4. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures may be provided to the requester by the hearing officer, following the notice of the denial decision and right to a hearing. The hearing procedures are within the discretion of the hearing officer.
  5. After the hearing, the hearing officer shall make its report and recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice President of Student Affairs may review the record and consult with the hearing officer about any questions. The VPSA’s send the decision to the requester, with a copy to the Registrar, within a reasonable time following the hearing officer’s report, generally not to exceed 30 business days. The VPSA’s decision is a final decision of the University.