Class Scheduling

If you need to schedule a class for academic purposes, fill out the Academic Class Schedule Form below:

Academic purposes are defined as credit-bearing courses and convocations.

Academic Class Schedule Form

**Submit completed forms as an attachment to

If you need to schedule an academic event such as testing, study groups, or extra classrooms, please fill out the Academic Event Request Form.

Academic Scheduling Policy 6.46 

Instruction Delivery Method Definitions

Face-to-Face - Students meet with the instructor at regularly scheduled times (synchronous learning), primarily in a classroom. Students in face-to-face courses will normally be expected to be physically present for all or part of the term/semester (will have classroom and day/times).

Synchronous Remote- Students meet via videoconferencing (e.g. Zoom) or other appropriate instructional technology at regularly scheduled times (synchronous learning) (will have classroom and day/times).

Online- Students do not meet with the instructor at predefined times (asynchronous learning).  Online courses do not require students to be physically present at any point during the term (will have no day/times). 

Hybrid- Instruction is delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  Students in hybrid courses will normally be expected to be physically present for part of the term (will have a classroom and day/times).  

* The codes and definitions above will be used for courses at the beginning of fall term/semester. Safety and public health concerns may require courses to shift their delivery modality during the semester. In all modalities instruction will be supplemented via technology such as Canvas, SUU's learning management system.


Request for Individual Study

Individual Study is a delivery mode for courses, listed in the official catalog, needed
for a student’s progress toward graduation.

Description: Students arrange individual study courses through departments. A learning contract is developed and approved by the department chair, and the chair assigns a
faculty member to teach the course within the faculty workload guidelines of SUU policy 6.27.

The student taking the course through individual study must comply with SUU policy 6.3


Academic Schedule Submission Deadlines

The submission deadline for Fall 2024, Spring 2025, and Summer 2025 is Dec 01, 2023. Schedules are viewable online starting March 01, 2024.

Contact Breanna Bradshaw
(435) 586-1989

For all other events, contact Centralized Scheduling