AHEC Clinical Training & Rural Rotations

Bryce Carter and Mark Corry

Clinical training rotations are available throughout most of rural Utah for medical students, residents, pharmacy, PA, APRN and other graduate-level students. Priority for rotations is based on current workforce data provided by the Utah Medical Education Council (UMEC). UMEC provides financial support for the AHEC Clinical Training and Rural Rotations program. UMEC also serves as the state's clearinghouse for practice opportunities in Utah. Visit the Utah Medical Education Council website for workforce studies and current practice opportunities.

Some of our Rotation Sites

Student Instructions: Clinical rotations are available for several professions in most communities throughout rural Utah. In the comment section of the application please provide a narrative of your reason for pursuing a rotation in Utah. Priority for funding rotations is based on Utah connections and ties to the state.

All Students must complete the Online AHEC Application.

Students scheduled for clinical training must complete the appropriate clinical rotation forms required by the facility where they will be rotating. After submitting the Online AHEC Application, specific forms will be e-mailed to you.

What students have to say about their rotations...

  • "I sincerely feel that this was a wonderful experience. I have had the opportunity to work in healthcare for a number of years as a paramedic and ER nurse prior to PA school, and this was the most rewarding and gratifying health care setting I've had the privilege to experience. Thank you for the opportunity." - Ben Newberry, University of Utah PA student
  • "It provided a rich diversity in culture, environment and particularly clinical exposure to a vast number of medical ailments. The preceptors were skilled and excellent teachers. The abundance of medical learning opportunities were endless. In addition, the supportive clinic staff was greatly appreciated. I believe I was fortunate enough to have the perfect clinical rotation!" - Emily Bullock, Westminster College Nurse Practitioner student rotating in Blanding.
  • “I had heard great things about Dr. Ott and his practice… and also that Kanab was beautiful. I wanted a truly rural experience..." - University of Utah 3rd Year Medical Student rotating in Kanab.
  • “Working with Dr. [Michael] Marsden was an awesome experience! He is an amazing physician and a great teacher! This was a great rotation!” -Erik Miguel, on rotation with Dr. Marsden, an RHS alumni.
  • "I enjoyed providing full spectrum care from seeing patients in the ER, assisting in surgery, delivering babies, seeing patients in the hospital and also in the clinic. These doctors truly do it all." - A.T. Still 3rd Year Medical Student rotating in Panguitch.
  • “…the amount of time Dr. [Mark] Corry spent with me was the most memorable. In no other rotation have I been able to get the amount of teaching, advice, [and know] how to think through various diseases and to treat them than on this rotation. I feel I have grown immensely on this rotation due to Dr. Corry and his staff being so patient and willing to truly teach me how to be a physician.” -Bryce Carter, RHS alumni & current University of Utah MS-III, speaking of Dr. Mark Corry, also an RHS alumni and practicing physician in Cedar City.
  • “I loved the variety of patients and procedures! It was awesome to see in a two-day time span different members of a multi-generational family; first in the ER, then the clinic, and finally in Labor & Delivery!” –Amanda Berbert, MS-III, University of Utah on rotation with Dr. Kelly Jeppesen in Monticello, UT

Completing Your Rotation

Thank you for completing a rural training rotation through our office. Please fill out the exit survey below in order for us to process and complete your rotation. If you have any questions regarding this survey or your rotation, please contact us at ruralhealth@suu.edu.