Utah Health Scholars Testimonials

Students and alumni of Rural Health Scholars

Check out these quotes from current students and alumni of Utah Health Scholars about their experience in the program! After more than 15 years, UHS has produced healthcare providers that now serve communities across the United States and beyond!

“Don’t hesitate to share my story with anyone having doubts about whether they will be successful in medical school. Let them know that an entrance exam does not determine how successful they will be, they are the ones that determine their success. Tell them never to give up on their dreams of medicine. It is an extremely difficult thing to go through, but it is all worth it the moment a patient or family member thanks you for what you have done. It is very humbling to know that people are trusting you with their personal life, and telling you things they never told to anyone. We can make such a difference in people’s life, and that is why we can never give up on our dream of being a healthcare provider. RHS has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students become healthcare providers. Because of RHS, thousands of people are receiving health care."

-Jared Wenn, RHS alumni, Southern Utah University

"I would definitely recommend Rural Health Scholars program to everyone thinking about going into some type of medical profession. It allows you to have a peek into various careers and paths into those careers. It provides opportunity for awesome experiences that you wouldn't have in any other way, and it helps you plan out your path towards your future goals."

- Dylan Despain, Snow College

"I wasn't so much surprised as I was impressed. Impressed that I have a team backing me, helping me achieve my goal. I was impressed that I am getting everything that I am paying for. I am so glad that this program is striving to give everything that they promised and more to my educational goal. I am excited that my dream is more than a dream, it is a goal and completely achievable and RHS does a great job of conveying that message to its members."

-Zoe, RHS student, Southern Utah University

"Rural Health Scholars made such a huge impact on my life and propelled me to where I am at today. When I joined RHS back in 2014, I was ready to give up school. I had just returned to school after battling with a drug habit for several years and I thought I had no chance of ever going to medical school. RHS staff not only showed me that I had a chance, but also encouraged me to fight for it and gave me a pathway to get myself where I am today. I would not be applying this May if I hadn't met the staff of Rural Health Scholars. I am truly in your debt."

-Arthur Evensen, RHS alumni, Dixie State University

"I just got a job offer in the Neonatal ICU at Duke University Hospital and I accepted the offer and will be starting in July! I am just so thrilled and cannot wait to start working there! This past year has been such a journey and I have grown and learned so much. And it all started with Rural Health Scholars! Staff in RHS were the first people who really encouraged me to follow my dreams and I'll never forget that. I would have never been able to make it this far without all of your encouragement early on and I just wanted to thank you all for everything that you have done for me. All of your support helped me grow into the confident woman that I am now. I am ecstatic that I am able to share me success with you."

-Katie, practicing nurse, Duke College of Nursing

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