Experiential Learning Leadership Institute


Join your fellow conference attendees on fun, educational excursions during the ELLI Annual Conference.

Note: Tuesday and Thursday excursions will take place after presentations have wrapped up for the day. Excursions on each day will take place concurrently, so attendees will only be able to participate in one excursion each day, with the exception of the Pub Crawl on Thursday which will take place after the other excursions have ended.

Tuesday Excursions

Wednesday Excursion: Grand Canyon

Experience one of the 7 wonders of the natural world!

When you see the Grand Canyon on television, in movies and pictures, chances are you’re seeing the South Rim. As the most highly developed Grand Canyon destination. The South Rim features nearly two dozen viewpoints, many of which let you see all the way down to the Canyon floor. If you’ve never visited the Grand Canyon before, the South Rim is the best place to start. It offers the most recognizable views, the most amenities, and the most activities! Have you experienced the South Rim and are now ready for something different? Choose one of the East Rim experiences.

We will be offering 4 different excursions once we get to the Grand Canyon. You can choose an intense hike, or a more moderate or low level adventure!

  1. Desert Watchtower, East Rim Drive
    Focus: Cultural Anthropology, Mary Coulter
    Activity level: Low
  2. Bright Angel Trail, South Rim Village
    Focus: Hike below rim
    Activity Level: High-Extreme (experienced hikers only)
    Facilitator: NAU Honors faculty
  3. Shoshone Point, East Rim Drive
    Focus: Reflection Activity
    Activity Level: Moderate, 2 mile hike on flat ground to rim of canyon
    Facilitator: Ted Martinez - Honors College, NAU
  4. South Rim Village, South Rim Village
    Focus: Place as Text, Mary Coulter
    Activity Level: Low

The cost of this excursion is included with conference registration.

Thursday Excursions