ELLI Annual Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops

K-12 Educator Workshop

This workshop will be an introduction/refresher to those interested or working in Experiential Education. Although it is designed for K-12 educators, it is applicable to higher education as well. This hands-on active workshop will take you through the steps in preparing for experiential education back on your campuses. Participants will explore and engage in activities related to NSEEs Eight Principles (Intention, Authenticity, Preparedness and Planning, Orientation and Training, Reflection, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement, Assessment and Evaluation, and Acknowledgment). Many of the strategies and website/apps we will use in the workshop will be beneficial to all educators in other aspects of learning.

NSEE EEA Workshops

ELLI offers National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) Experiential Education Academy (EEA) Workshops as Pre-Conference Sessions during our annual conference. Each year, attendees electing to attend EEA workshops may choose one or two of the four workshops being offered. The EEA curriculum consists of five required Foundation Workshops and five Elective Workshops, from which an individual selects one.

Foundation Workshops (in recommended order):

  1. Fundamentals of Experiential Education
  2. Principles of Ethical Practice
  3. Reflection
  4. Assessment
  5. Legal Issues

Elective Workshops (choose 1):

  1. Teaching & Learning Experientially
  2. Developing a Quality Internship Program
  3. Service-Learning
  4. Strengthening EE at Your Institution
  5. Strategic Planning for Experiential Program Design

EEA Workshops at Annual Conferences

The following table indicates the workshops that have been offered at past ELLI Annual Conferences, as well as those that will be offered at the upcoming conference. (* indicates Foundation Workshop)

Year Session 1 Session 2
2019 Fundamentals of Experiential Education* Reflection* Assessment* Strengthening EE at Your Institution
2018 Reflection* Strengthening EE at Your Institution Legal Issues* Assessment*
2017 Assessment* Principles of Ethical Practice* Legal Issues* Service-Learning
2016 Fundamentals of Experiential Education* Legal Issues* Service-Learning Strengthening EE at Your Institution
2015 Fundamentals of Experiential Education* Principles of Ethical Practice*