Officers and Committee Members



Scholarship Committee The purpose of this committee is to utilise the Staff Association Donations to award scholarships to deserving students the Staff Association Scholarship. The committee will review applications, rank students, and award based off of the scholarship parameters.
  • Chase Krohn (Chair)
  • Kris Bahr (Vice Chair)
  • Dan Camp (Participating Member)
Staff Recognition Committee The purpose of this committee is to strengthen morale and campus support by emphasizing the work from staff across all divisions on campus. This committee will be committed to ensuring that adequate representation of all divisions, outstanding staff, and the actions being recognized are done with compassion and a sincere level of acknowledgment.
  • Brian Fullerton (Chair)
  • Kenton Pope (Vice Chair)
  • John Lisonbee (Participating Member)
  • Marci May (Participating Member)
Staff Professional Development Fund Committee The purpose of this committee is to provide financial support to staff members across campus seeking professional development opportunities. The committee will be responsible for reviewing applications fairly, and awarding funding based off of the funding parameters.
  • Blair Bentley (Chair)
  • Logan Reid (Vice Chair)
  • Tiffany Greenhalgh (Participating Member)
Policy Committee The purpose of this committee is to review and discuss university policies that are being proposed from various stakeholders across the institution. In reviewing policy, as a member of this committee, it is important for the reviewal process to be facilitated in a lens that supports all of university staff.
  • Tanner Vario (Chair)
  • Jill Whitaker (Vice Chair)
  • Jayson Matlock (Participating Member)
Events and Wellness Committee

The purpose of this committee is to connect staff across campus to a culture of well-being, personal connection amongst staff, healthy work-life balance, and establish events and activities that lead into our priorities for the well-being of staff.

  • Chet Dalton (Chair)
  • Matt McKenzie (Vice Chair)
  • Morgan Bailey (Participating Member)
  • John Lisonbee (Participating Member)