Summer Semester

Top 5 Reasons to Take Summer School

1. Graduate early: Did you know that you could complete a 20-week class in only five weeks during the summer semester? Get a jump-start on your education.

2. Pass the class you’ve been dreading: Many tough classes are offered during the summer, allowing you to focus your efforts and get that A you need to move forward with your degree.

3. Get ready for a mission: If you’re planning on leaving the state in the coming months, now may be the perfect time to get some general education courses out of the way so when you return you'll be one step.

4. Location, location, location: Living in the backyard of the most prominent national parks in the country certainly has its perks. Also, with the Utah Summer Games and Shakespeare Festival, Cedar City is a great place during the summer months.

5. Pocket some cash: More jobs are available during the summer. Also, housing and tuition can be cheaper as well. Check with Financial Aid for details.