3-Year Bachelor's Degree

3-Year Bachelor's Degree

The 3-Year Bachelor Degree is an optional program for students to accelerate the traditional undergraduate process and enter the workforce earlier while still gaining the professional hands-on experiences needed for the job market. The 3-Year program will reduce barriers to graduation making it easier for students to save time and money.

University News: Utah Legislature Approves 3-Year Bachelor Degree Program at SUU

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How it works to earn a bachelor's degree in 3-years:

SUU will offer full class schedules in three equal, 14-week semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. To finish a degree in three years, students will enroll in all three semester during their first and second years at SUU. By taking all three semesters for the first two years, the 8 semesters can be completed in three years instead of four.

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