Educational Talent Search at SUU

Graduating Senior, 

As a graduating senior, there are several items you need to address prior to attending college in the Fall……..

  • Sign up for summer orientation
  • Finalize financial aid
  • Apply for more scholarships
  • Apply for Student Support Services
  • Register for classes
  • Look for a secure housing
  • Look for a job

Summer Orientation

Almost every college in Utah requires summer orientation – this is a time to meet with an advisor about class scheduling, to talk about institutional requirements.  Students will receive orientation information via email or through their institution portals.

 Financial Aid

Each post-secondary institution has a Financial Aid Department.  Please contact them if you have any problems with your FAFSA, scholarships, loans or even if you need more help paying for school.  There will be additional documents/forms that are required by each institution before award amounts can be applied to your accounts.  To check for additional forms needed, log into your institution’s portal.  The forms are generally found under Award.  Many portals will provide links to the necessary paperwork.  Your portals will also give you the option to choose the awards that you want to receive.  For many, this is where you choose Accept for your Pell Grant and Decline your student loans.  You will also need to be sure to accept any scholarships that you have been awarded if you haven’t done so already.

 Some colleges and universities require an enrollment or commitment fee before you are allowed to register for classes.  These fees can be deferred but the FAFSA must be completed before an enrollment fee can be deferred. 

 A Financial Aid FYI: 

Most financial aid awards won’t be applied to your tuition until just before fall semester starts.  So, don’t panic if you continue to see a balance in your portal!  Just make sure you have completed all the necessary financial aid steps before the first day of class.  If you need help, contact the financial aid office or your ETS advisor.  We are limited in what we can help you with but we will give it a go to help this process go smoothly.

 Also, don’t be discouraged if you are selected for verification.  Many institutions will request additional documentation such as a tax transcript.  SUU allows you to use yours and/or your parents 1040 taxes in place of the tax transcript but you’ll need to call your financial aid advisor to verify.  Other institutions may not allow this so call them if you have problems requesting the transcript.

 Last, don’t forget that you can set up payment plans for any tuition that you can’t afford to pay in one payment.  You’ll need to contact the financial aid office to make these arrangements and it will need to be done before the tuition deadline or your classes will be dropped.   


There is still time to apply for local scholarships.  Check your schools counseling web page AND other schools counseling center web pages for lists of scholarship that are still available to apply for.  TIP:  look at some of the bigger schools in Northern Utah.  They have scholarship people whose job is to find scholarships for students.  Their webpages generally have larger lists.  

 Student Support Services (TRIO)

Because you have been a member of Talent Search (TRIO), you should apply for Student Support Services (SSS) at the college you will be attending.  SSS is the college program for students who may need help with tutoring, filling out FAFSA applications, college success or support in other areas.  This program will help you just as Talent Search has done throughout your high school career.

 Register for Classes

Please call your school’s registrar’s office if you need help registering for classes.  SUU creates your first-year class schedule, but it is always a good idea to check in with an assigned professional to help you select courses.  SSS is also available to help you register and get you started.  You will most likely register for classes once again through your portal.  


Finding on-campus housing or apartments near universities is a personal choice.  Please feel free to contact your college’s Housing department and ask for help in choosing housing.  Search for ‘Housing’ on the school’s website.

 Student Employment

Also found through your university’s webpage.  Get a jumpstart on finding on-campus employment.  They work with student schedules and many let you study while on the job if or when you have down time.