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What part of  do you not understand?

Why math?  What are you ever going to do with math once you leave high school so why learn it? 

Math is connected and woven into every aspect of our lives.  Did you know that the Greek meaning of math means "learning" and in Hebrew its root is "thinking"?  We as educators, parents and everyone else around you like it when you think and even better, when you can think critically.  Utah requires students to take only three years of math to graduate.  However, it is recommended that students take a fourth year of math.  Here is a list of reasons and some of the benefits of taking math.   

  1. Math teaches you and gives you the critical ability to learn and think logically in any career or field of study. 
  2. It can help you improve proficiency on your test scores.
  3. Math helps you develop skills to hypothesize, design, experiment, analyze data (which can include determining should I get curly fries, regular fries or onion rings), recognize patterns, find evidence, draw conclusions, solve problems and teach you to be open to new information.
  4. Math produces students who can learn, think creatively and critically no matter what career they choose.
  5. Science, technology and engineering are essential to the future success of our country.  So if you are interested in any STEM career your are going to need to have a strong math foundation. 
  6. Studies have shown that students who take a fourth year of math in high school are not only better prepared for college but end up graduating with a degree once they reach college.




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