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Deadlines are important for achieving and meeting both small and large goals.  Your ability to meet deadlines shows a level of professionalism and says a lot about your organizational and time management skills.  Turning in homework assignments on time is a skill and habit that you can learn that will take you into the working world and help you build success as you move from seeking education into a career.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you meet deadlines.
Keep your priorities in order.  Make sure that you are doing all that you can to meet deadlines.  Organize your time and focus on what's most important.  What will help you accomplish the assignment?  Are there certain keywords or important facts that you should focus on rather than trying to tackle it all at once?  You can waist a lot of time finding the right study music, the perfect pencil or taking too many breaks.
Don't chance the domino effect.  If you miss an assignment or try to cram information into your head at the last minute you may be missing or not understanding knowledge that you may need for the next assignment.
Avoid the risk.  Missing assignments or work will negatively effect your grade.  Don't risk it.  This could have been the assignment that dropped you a full grade.
Don't give any excuses.  You are responsible for your homework and it's due date.  Regardless of whether or not you are in class that day, you are still accountable for the work.
Don't expect accommodations.  You may have a really great reason as to why you missed the deadline but the bottom line is that you still need to turn in your work.  Illness, weddings, vacations or had to stay home to floss your dog are good excuses but you are still responsible for the missing work.
Don't break your contract.  When you fail to meet the deadline you are breaking a contract between you and your teacher.  At the beginning of the class you signed a course disclosure that said that you would complete the assignments and objectives of the course and hand them in on time.
Avoid the dreaded email or phone call to your parents.  Often teachers will contact your parents when work is missing.  Especially if it starts to lower your grade.  If it goes too far you could unwillingly have reserved a seat in the principals office for remediation.  
Be kind and reduce stress that you could potentially create for others.  When you miss an assignment or wait till the last minute it suddenly becomes more than your project.  You ask mom and dad for help.  Then you turn it in late and your teacher now has to back up and grade an assignment that should have been taken care of earlier.
If know that you are going to miss or simply don't meet a deadline talk to your teacher.  They are there to help you understand and succeed.  They are more than willing to work with you and make accommodations for you when needed.  Be proactive!  It's much easier to work with you and make the accommodations when you let them know before hand.  Definitely don't wait until the last couple days of a quarter to speak to them.  Remember there are consequences for late work and assignments that are turned in way too late.