Educational Talent Search

College is expensive but it's a worthy investment.  You do not have to be an academic, athletic or extracurricular superstar to win a scholarship.  There are scholarships that reward every background, talent and achievement that you can imagine.

Should you apply for every scholarship you find?  When you turn 35, you technically are eligible to run for President of the United States.  This hardly means you should start packing your bags for the White House.  Scholarship applications take time so allocate your time to those in which you have the best chance of winning.  It's about quality, not quantity.

Where do I look for scholarships?  How about your own backyard?  Think about all the groups, clubs, businesses, churches and organizations in your community.  Since these awards are usually only available to students in your community the competition is a lot less fierce.

What resources do you already have?  How about your ETS advisor, counselors, teachers, high school web site, department of your major, student clubs and organizations, community organizations, parents employer, parents or grandparents military service and your employer?  The Internet is over flowing with information.  Check out  They have a scholarship search that is designed to connect local scholarship donors with local students.  Don't write off the big competitions either.  Somebody has to win these awards.  Why shouldn't it be you?  

You can also use  You'll need to create an account then click on Pay for School and Scholarship Search.  There's a quick questionnaire that will narrow the scholarships that best fit your needs.  

Don't ever pay to fill out a scholarship application!  That's crazy!  There are a bazillion scholarship directories online that you can use that you don't have to pay for.

Let's not forget about outrageous scholarships.  Yep, there are scholarships for students who are left-handed, skilled with using duct tape or can fluently speak Klingon.  Don't spend too much time looking for these types of scholarships.  You will win more money if you search for more normal awards that reward your specific range of interests, achievements and background.  Capiche?

Take time to look for scholarships that you qualify for and be smart.  Colleges and universities will use your financial aid and scholarships to pay your tuition and fees.  After your tuition bill has been paid, if there is any money left, they give it back to YOU!