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Human capital is defined as the combined value of a person's skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individual that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community.  Human capital is the knowledge, skills and experience that you posses and use to secure and succeed in a job.
You are able to invest in your human capital by going to school, pursuing additional training and developing talents and skills.  The more human capital that you posses the more valuable and productive you are to an employer.    Here are a few suggestions on how you can increase your human capital.
Increasing your education keeps your mind active and improves cognitive skills which are the basic processes of thought.  Education of any type opens your mind to new ideas.  Explore post-secondary education options at StepUpUtah.  
Take advantage of your schools workbased learning classes or find an internship.  Experience helps you develop a good work ethic in which you required to put forth effort and achieve at levels beyond what is asked of you.  You can also find career and apprenticeship information at Utah Futures.
Come up with a back up plan.  What will you do if your Plan A doesn't work out?  Take classes at a vocational school and get certified in automotive, cosmetology or phlebotomy.  You can take classes while in high school for free and gain qualifications that will undoubtedly expand your horizon.
Volunteer for a non-profit or humanitarian organization.  Serve your family, your school and your community.  Check out these awesome volunteer options.
Learn to speak confidently, intelligently and in a way that help people feel comfortable.  You may not ever need to make formal presentations but every job and real life requires speaking to others.  Make eye contact.  Nobody wants to watch you look at your shoes - unless you're talking about sweet kicks.  Here are a few suggestions on Mastering the Basics of Communication and How to Communicate More Effectively in the Workplace
Who do you know?  Cultivate your most important contacts.  Make connections with a diverse group of people.  If someone in your network asks for your help tell them YES.  You may need their help at some point in the future.