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Are you racing through high school with a plan to reach the finish line?  Just like training for a race, there are several steps that you can take in middle and high school that will help prepare you to reach the finish line and achieve your goals after graduation.  

  1. DO YOUR BEST IN SCHOOL.  Grades matter and so do the types of classes that you take.  Colleges and employers look at your grades and the types of classes that you take in school.  They want to see that you take your academic work seriously and that you are not afraid to challenge yourself.  They want to see how willing your are to work hard.
  2. BE INVOLVED AND ENGAGED IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  Colleges and employers want to know what you are like at school and out of school.  When you are not at school are you a couch potato or do you get out into your community and work or serve?
  3. MEET DEADLINES.  Get in the habit now.  Turn your homework in on time, be to work or to practice on time.  Honor the commitments that you make and meet the necessary deadlines.
  5.  UNDERSTAND THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT AWAIT YOU AFTER HIGH SCHOOL.  Start early with goals in mind.  Understand that adult life is expensive, friends come and go, every choice that you make effects more then just yourself and don't be afraid to take risks.
  6. UNDERSTAND THAT COLLEGE IS AN INVESTMENT AND THAT YOU CAN AFFORD IT.  Start looking at financial aid and scholarships now.  Find out what the qualifications are and work towards them.
  7. ASK FOR HELP!  Get to know your ETS advisor, counselors and other adults who can help you train and reach your finish line. Network, network, network...