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     Just like being a great athlete, dancer, musician or student, practice makes perfect.  Developing your academic strengths takes practice that will help you prepare for college.  Academic strengths are traits, characteristics and skills that come naturally.  They enable you to excel academically.  Academic strengths are transferable which means they are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life - socially, professionally and at school.
     So what are they?  Examples of academic strengths can be your ability to pay attention to detail, are you creative, can you critically think?  What's your level of enthusiasm, can you or are you willing to problem solve, can you visualize easily?  Are you flexible (not in the flexible ballerina sense) and will you persevere or do you give up easily?  It's easier to focus and scrutinize our weaknesses rather than strengths.  Some examples of academic weaknesses can include procrastination, lack of focus, lack of motivation, being unorganized and the big one - fear of failure.
     In order to develop academic strengths you need to know what they are.  Click on this link to take a strength inventory.  Once you are finished, submit your answers and follow the tips and suggestions on how to develop and practice your academic strengths.  


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