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What influences your future career choice?  Career choices are often made on the basis of our own beliefs about ourselves, our own abilities and our beliefs about related values of different careers.  Careers are also determined by intellectual interest, salary expectations, cost and length of training needed for the desired career, past experiences such as grades, test scores and related experiences.  Also our perceptions and attitude and of course, the expectations of others such as parents, teachers,  and counselors.

How much does your relationship with your family, particularly your parents influence your career choice?  Parents help children learn to be independent and self-govern.  You are taught by your parents how to be successful in shaping your own lives.  They teach values about work and teach important lessons in decision making, work habits, conflict resolution and communication skills.  All of which are a foundation of career success.

Talk with your parents about your future career plans.  Bounce ideas off of them about how you are going to achieve your desired goal.  Some of you may even follow in your parents footsteps and choose their career path or take over the family business.  Just for fun, take a look at your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives.  Complete the attached family career tree worksheet to see how your families career choices have influenced your life.   





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