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There are about 100 billion neuron's in your brain that are responsible for helping you think.  If you want to build muscle you need to exercise.  Since our brain behaves like a muscle the same idea applies to your brain.  You need to exercise it.  You can't grow muscle by doing nothing.

Exercising your brain takes effort, struggle and repeated failure.  When you struggle or can't think the neurons in your brain make connections that create a densely connected network.  This allows tiny bolts of electricity to pass down the neurons.  This means that you can think faster and more effectively.  This is building brain muscle which means you are getting smarter.  With the correct learning strategies you build more neuron connections and in return you build a stronger more powerful brain.  We all want a powerful brain!  

Watch our web page for upcoming learning strategies that will help you create a powerful brain and be a smarter student.  

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  • We are sad to announce that Kara Monroe has moved on and will no longer be Milford's advisor.  We will miss her but look forward to working with MHS students as Alice Meanea takes the helm.  She has been serving students at PHS and will now add MHS to her schedule.  
  • Upcoming Tours:  
    • 17 Sept - VHS to BYU
    • 19 Sept - 8th Grade to DSU, DXATC & Laser Mania
    • 24 Sept - Fredonia students to NAU
    • 15-16 Oct - 10th - 12th grade trip to USU, SLCC & UVU
    • 22-23 Nov - Snow Blast (students must be 16 yrs old to attend)
  • Other ETS Events:
    • October - Utah College Application Month
    • 1 Oct - Daniel's Fund Application Available