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ACT has consistently found that student who take the recommended core curriculum are more likely to be ready for college or career than those who do not. 

What is the recommended core curriculum?

ENGLISH: 4 Years  |  MATH: 3 Years (including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)  |  SCIENCE: 3 Years (including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)  |  SOCIAL STUDIES: 3 Years

Why take these classes?

The skills and knowledge from these courses will give you a well-rounded education that you'll use in any career.  These courses will also help you prepare for the ACT test.  For the class of 2017, 68% of students completed a core curriculum.  Those students got an average ACT score of 22.1.  Students who didn't complete the core classes had an average of 18.9.  Every high school has core requirements for graduation.  These courses should be your main priority because they're the stepping stones for college and workforce preparation but consider challenging your self.  You'll be glad you did.  (ACT Classes to Take in High School)

Did you know that you could earn money just by taking the right classes?

You can go to college no matter what classes you take in high school.  In addition to getting a better score on the ACT, which will help you get scholarships, and being prepared for the college work load,  you can qualify for the Regent's Scholarship just by taking the right classes. (Step Up Utah)

What do I need to do to get the Regents?

Take the right classes  |  Earn at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA  |  Get at least a 22 on the ACT  |  Meet college enrollment or deferment requirements  |  Fill ou the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) your senior year 

What are the recommended classes?

ENGLISH: 4 Years  |  MATH: 4 Years (including 1 credit of advanced math)  |  Social Science: 3 Years  |  Science: 3 Years (one each of biology, chemistry, and physics)  |  World Language: 2 Years (other than English)
Look familiar?  Consider taking math your senior year and adding two years of a foreign language.  When your adding the Regents' Scholarship to your tuition bill you'll be grateful that you took the time to plan ahead and take the right classes.  To make planning next years class schedule easier download the Regent's Scholarship Planning Guide