Iron County Scholarship Fair

Scholarship Fair

The Iron County Scholarship Fair is an opportunity for you to create a scholarship in your name and support the region's future community members and leaders.

With college just around the corner, many bright, talented and deserving local high school students are still in search of financial support to help fund their education. The cost of education is rising and state aid is shrinking as are institutional scholarships. Pell grant money pays for less and less of education expenses.  The increase in educational costs are not being met by increased money coming from jobs.

We hope to solicit your support in this year's annual Scholarship Fair. Please consider making a scholarship donation to our local youth. Any amount is welcome and needed beyond the $100 minimum donation.

The Scholarship Fair

The scholarship fair allows you to be very specific in your support. You determine the amount and recipient profile of the scholarship to be created in your name. The scholarship may be used for any institution of higher education or training, though you are welcome to set those parameters as well should you prefer to buoy a specific institution. Additionally, to allow you the opportunity to play an active role in the selection of your scholarship recipient, the Talent Search Program at Southern Utah University will host a scholarship fair to be held annually in March.

Scholarship Fair Video

The Portfolios

We have asked students who wish to be considered for an award generated through the scholarship drive to compile a brief portfolio that contains a personal biography with an essay, an educational resume, their high school transcript, and letters of recommendation. During the fair, students will be available for brief interviews and to present their portfolios for your review.

Students who are chosen for a scholarship will be presented the award at each schools respective awards night in May of each year. Students will also need to provide verification of enrollment for their chosen institution before the scholarship money is awarded.

Our Goal

To help local students find more scholarship opportunities and allow those awarding scholarships to increase their pool of candidates and become acquainted with the students in this area.

After the Scholarship Fair

The Iron County Scholarship Fair is a community event and is designed to provide students with many and diverse scholarship and college opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to interview for several scholarships. This is an opportunity to gain interview experience and bridge a gap between the student and their community. The portfolios are designed to be a valuable resource for students past the Scholarship Fair. We have found that a small, $100 scholarship donation gets a student on campus. Education then becomes a tradition.

Scholarship Portfolios
You will need one portfolio for each scholarship that you interview for.

Cover Page
Educational Resume
Letters of Recommendation
Financial Need & Digital Footprint
Materials Needed



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