Qualifications and Application for Upward Bound

Do I Qualify?

Upward Bound students

Our program is limited to 100 students each school year. Sixty-nine students must meet both of the following requirements:

  • Family qualifies as low-income (verified by financial documentation)
  • Potential first generation college students (NEITHER parent or step-parent has a 4-year bachelor's degree)

The remaining thirty-four students must meet only one of two eligibility requirements.

How Can I Apply?

You can print an application here or obtain one from the Upward Bound counselor at your high school. Take your completed application to your high school office or Upward Bound Counselor and they will send it to us. Make sure you include verification of family income from a governmental source (i.e. most recent income tax return), and a copy of your most recent grade transcript before taking your application to the high school office or UB counselor.

Upward Bound students hanging upside down on a playground

What Happens After I'm Accepted?

When you have received an acceptance letter, you are then a member. You will meet with your fellow Upward Bound students and counselor twice a week, usually at your school, for at least 90 minutes each week to obtain helpful information on successfully completing your high school classes, making good career choices, and attending college. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, you will come to an On-Campus event at SUU for two days. There will be workshops and presentations covering topics on education, motivation, career exploration, financial aid, college planning, etc. We also attend cultural activities and recreational workshops. The On-Campuses provide a sneak preview of college life, but the best sneak preview comes during the Six-Week Summer Program.

How Do I Contact the Upward Bound Program?

To contact the SUU Upward Bound Office, please reach out to Eric at 435-865-8250 or email at ericfielding@suu.edu. You can also call Kelly at 435-865-8069 or email at kellyespinoza@suu.edu