Board of Trustees Award of Excellence

This award is intended to formally recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff at SUU with a particular emphasis in teaching, scholarship, administration, innovation, and public service. The recipient is honored by a Certificate of Excellence presented by the Board of Trustees at a designated event in late spring, along with a cash award.

To make a nomination please submit the name of the individual you are nominating in the form below by February 9th, 2021.

The award criteria for faculty will be quality teaching and learning, student mentoring and engagement, innovative practices, and other service to the university or the community.

The award criteria for staff members will be quality service according to the staff member’s responsibilities, innovative practices, and other service to the university or the community.

The president's office may follow up with the nominator and nominee to gather additional information in order to provide the Trustees with sufficient material to make their decision. The nominator and/or nominee may submit information beyond what is specifically requested, but it is not expected.

A $2,500 award will be provided to each of the winners in the faculty and staff categories. We hope you will consider nominating candidates who have excelled in serving our students and the university.


Past Recipients

Staff Faculty
Eric Houle - Track & Field Jim Aton - English
Andrea Stiefvater - ESL Peter Sham - Theatre Arts
Paula Alger - Business David Berri - Economics
Joan Anderson - PEHP Todd Petersen - EDGE
Lynne J. Brown - Student Support Center Steve Barney - Psychology
Ed Lamb - Athletics Richard Cozzens - Engineering
Johnny Oh - Pre Med Institute Mark Miller - History
Eric Kirby - Student Services Xun Sun - Music
Reece Summers - SUMA Andreas Weingartner - Mathematics
Jayci Bash - Honors Program Emily Dean - Anthropology
  Matthew Nickerson - Library
  Mark DeBeliso - Physical Education
  Jacqualine Grant - Biology