External Links in Cascade

There are a lot of common links used for SUU that are "external" to the main SUU site. But those links can change leaving a bunch of broken links around our site. If you are linking to a common SUU site (like the mySUU portal) you should use the External Link assets in the "exit" folder, available to call Cascade Editors. 

External Directory List

To insert an External Link,

  1. begin editing a page. Highlight the text that should be a link and open the link tool
  2. Make sure "internal" is checked
  3. Click the "Choose File, Page, or Link" option
  4. Choose the "Browse" option in the link chooser. Make sure you are looking in the SUU / exit directory.
  5. Select the external link that you need and then confirm it with the "Choose" button.

External link steps

Select "OK" and your link should now look like a link. Save, Submit, Publish your changes. Open the page in a web browser and test the link.