Getting Started in Cascade

  1. If you are the designated web liaison for a campus office, you can request and be granted access to edit content via Cascade, our content management system.
  2. After you have completed that request, navigate to, where you will see a log in screen. In order to access Cascade, you must be connected to the campus network, either by working at a campus computer, or by connecting to the campus VPN.Cascade Login Screen
  3. Use your normal SUU credentials to log in to Cascade.
  4. Once you are logged in, you are presented with the Cascade Dashboard. This page displays your content and various notifications and information items. Cascade Dashboard
  5. Select "SUU" from the Site menu at the top-left of the page to see the content you are allowed to edit. Select Site
  6. Once you've selected the site, you'll see the folder view. You may need to select your folder by clicking on its name. Folder view