Undergraduate Writing Center Student Appointments

The SUU Undergraduate Writing Center is migrating to a new scheduling server (WCOnline) in Spring 2024, so please be patient with us (and with yourself) as we adjust to a new system!

The writing center offers 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, both in-person (recommended) and online. If your paper is 1-4 pages, we recommend 30 minutes. If your paper is longer than four pages, you can book a one-hour appointment.

To book an appointment, click on the scheduling link below. Or, you can go directly to https://suuwc.mywconline.com/ to register for an account and schedule.

 Book your Appointment


When you select a session, you'll be given the option to choose In-person, online, or written feedback. For the best experience and most collaborative discussion, we recommend in-person appointments.

In-person feedback

You'll meet with a tutor in the Undergraduate Writing Center in the Braithwaite Center building, BC 101. 

Online feedback

You'll meet with a tutor in real-time, but via WCOnline's virtual message feature (or via Zoom).

Written feedback (asynchronous)

If you can't meet with a tutor live, you can sign up to receive written feedback on your paper.

After successfully booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with additional information and instructions. You’ll also receive a reminder email and text message (if you select that option) prior to your appointment time. If you can’t come to your appointment, please reschedule or cancel it as soon as possible so that someone else can take your place.


Appointment restrictions

In order for us to better serve all students, students are limited to:

  • one hour of appointment time per day (this can be two 30 minute appointments or one one-hour appointment)
  • three hours of appointment time in a single week


Unable to Schedule?

If you are unable to schedule an appointment, send an email to writingcenter@suu.edu to ask about additional availability.

You can also indicate in the booking system that you want to be added to a wait list if a specific time opens up.

Need help scheduling?

Our WCOnline student guide walks you through registering for an account and scheduling an appointment.