Writing Fellows Program at SUU

We are thrilled to offer a Writing Fellows program at SUU. Each year, undergraduate students with outstanding communication skills are selected to serve as Writing Fellows (also called WFs) because of their skills and willingness to help other students. WFs apply or are nominated by faculty members and other WFs. Those who are selected as WFs enroll in a fall seminar, where they learn techniques for being a tutor. Writing Fellows:

  • Work with students to revise their papers and help improve their writing.
  • Are assigned to work with specific classes each semester. They meet with the professor and discuss the expectations and requirements for each of the assigned papers.
  • Meet with approximately 15 students in a class twice a semester and discuss ways to improve the paper and meet the professors' expectations.

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The Writing Fellows program has many benefits for everyone involved.


  • Save time by not having to read and respond to early draft papers.
  • Receive a second opinion on the writing style of students.
  • Receive potential support from the Writing Fellows program about assignment structure, rubrics, or writing theory
  • Can tailor the WF program to meet individual needs
  • Learn more about working with WFs for your courses.


  • Receive input from their peers, who are often less intimidating than professors.
  • Learn about revision and how to write more effectively.
  • Gain a third perspective on their assignments.
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Writing Fellows

  • Work closely with a professor and get to know them.
  • Use personal writing skills to assist other students in becoming better writers.
  • Improve personal communication skills by working with students and professors.
  • Gain valuable experience in one-on-one teaching.
  • Earn up to $700 per semester and work on campus.
  • Have an opportunity to present at a conference.
  • Strengthen resumes for graduate school with practicum credit.
  • Meet the Writing Fellows!