Support Courses

College Student Success Academic Wellness Academic Literacy
Course SUU 1050 SUU 1060 SUU 1020
Credits 3 1 1
  • Orientation to SUU digital systems and expectations for college writing and self-management
  • Learner identity and purpose in college
  • Active practice connecting with campus resources
  • Active practice with SOAR study method strategies
  • Digital presentation skills
  • Self-assessments of and reflections on semester experiences
  • Setting and monitoring progress toward semester goals
  • Academic standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Practice with reading, note-taking, studying, and test prep strategies
  • Personal wellness
  • Financial wellness
  • Stress-management and coping strategies
  • Semester reflection

Self-directed explorations of

  • Time management
  • Active learning
  • Note-taking
  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Memory
  • Test-taking
  • Communication
  • Academic skills plan reflection
Required for Students admitted to SUU through the COMPASS program Students with a temporary Probation 1 academic standing N/A
Recommended for Any first-semester student looking for structured and holistic support to thrive in their transition into SUU Any student seeking to strengthen their academic wellness and gain accountability through collaborative experiences Any student seeking to assess their academic strengths and weaknesses and make more informed learning strategy choices
Online ✔ (online-only)
1-on-1 Peer Academic Coach appointments Bi-weekly Monthly Twice/semester
1-on-1 Instructor Appointments Monthly Monthly Twice/semester
Student Experiences

“Make this class one of your priorities. It is a great building block to get you started with college.”

“I just want to say that this course was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my Education. I definitely made friends and resource connections through this class.”

“This course really did keep me on track especially with me working a lot this semester.”

“this class really helped me realize why [I] am back in school. at first I was annoyed that i had to take this class, but after a few weeks I quickly realized that I was learning lot about myself and why I learn the way that I do.”

“This course has been the most beneficial to my learning!...It is easy to justify that it doesn’t come as easy to others like me but that doesn’t give me a reason to fall short. Strategic[ally] working hard will change results.”