Pick-up Information

Please follow these directions to properly dispose of your surplus property.

  1. A Surplus Item Submission Form must be completed prior to any surplus being picked up. Surplus will be notified of the submission and will pick up the items or contact you for additional information within 72 hours (time frame may vary based on student availability).
  2. If the surplus item is included on the University inventory list, department head approval is required for the item to be accepted. Surplus will contact the submitting department about this approval.
  3. Computers:
    1. Due to state statutes and licensing regulations, all computers given to Surplus from the departments must have all software applications removed (including operating system).  Please have the IT department perform this function prior to requesting a pickup from Surplus. Once completed, IT will mark the computer Wiped.
  4. Desks/File Cabinets:
    1. Please remove all files and confidential paperwork from desks.
  5. Copiers and Printers:
    1. If you are trying to surplus a large copy machine or printer provided by Imaging Concepts, please call the number on the machine and ask for it to be taken away. Imaging Concepts has agreed to take away their large machines.

Contact surplus@suu.edu or 435-865-8683 with questions