Surplus Property Procedure Guide

Surplus Property: property owned by the University (through purchase, forfeit, or donation) which is no longer needed for University operations. Surplus office supplies (binders, file folders, etc.) do not need to be disposed through the Surplus department.

Item Collection

Departments will notify the Surplus Department (Surplus) of surplus property using the Surplus Item Submission Form.

Departments can expect items to be picked up (or to be otherwise contacted about pick-up) within 72 hours of notification. The timeline depends on the availability of the Surplus Coordinator.

Storage and Availability

Items are effectively transferred to Surplus. Surplus is primarily responsible for the collection, storage, disposal, pricing, and sale of assets. Items will be stored in designated Surplus locations within the SUU campus. Items held by Surplus are available to campus departments and the public community. Items can be viewed and purchased by scheduling an appointment with the Surplus Coordinator ( or attending a public sale (details below). When appropriate, items will be posted for sale using online resources (e.g. KSL Classifieds, Facebook, etc.) or an online auction.


Fair pricing of items will be at the discretion of Surplus personnel. Prices are based on current market value. No item will be discounted based on the buyer. Items not posted through the online auction are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All items are sold as-is.


The primary Surplus storage location is a garage connected to the SUU Heat Plant – located north of the SUU Bookstore and Sharwan Smith Student Center at approximately 500 West.

Public Sales

The Surplus storage location will be open for a public sale on the last Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:30 pm. Private appointments are unavailable on the day of a public sale to ensure equal access to all items. Specific dates for the upcoming public sale is posted on the Surplus website

Departments may, with prior approval, hold a public sale independent from the monthly Surplus sale. Contact for authorization and guidelines.