Defer Your Admission and Scholarship

If you have plans for military service, a church service mission, or other activities before starting your coursework at SUU, please do the following:

  1. Complete the admission application process. 
  2. Accept and defer your scholarship.  If you have been awarded a scholarship, follow the instructions as outlined in your scholarship award letter.  Completing this process allows you to accept and hold your scholarship for up to five semesters (not including summers). 
  3. Complete the Admissions Deferment/Leave of Absence Form This will allow you to postpone your attendance for up to five semesters (not including summers) without having to re-apply or pay the $15 re-application fee.
  4. Complete a Release of Information Form (if not completed in steps above) to allow your parent/guardian to transact business such as registering for classes or submitting financial aid application materials while you are away.

For questions regarding deferral of admission and scholarships, please contact the SUU Welcome Center at 435-586-7741 or email